Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally something to write about!

I have knitted another sweater and a matching hat for Ava, my granddaughter, working on a pair of fingerless gloves for a coworker, and am going to work on a pair for Devon for Christmas as soon as I can find the red and black yarn I bought to make him socks. His hands are big but not nearly as big as his feet!
I'm feeling very accomplished now that I'm navigating the fingers on a glove. The pattern is in the Not Just Socks book, not going to buy that one because there isn't that much in there that I want to knit.
I also did another pair of socks for Ava..yeah, she's got more than anyone but that's because she's small.
I am going to work on getting some hats and maybe gloves or mittens done for Amber and the boys back east. I have two pairs of socks already done but they likely don't fit him anymore.
Okay, almost time to walk Ava to school, hope to be updating on my projects more soon. Also am going to try and get on Ravelry more too.

See ya!