Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another fork in the road....

Looking for ways of selling my fingerless glove pattern on here. So will catch up on what I've been knitting real quick and then figure out how to post the link for my pattern.
Let's see, knitted a new cowl for me after giving my original one to a friend (pictures soon) working on a hat for my son, who's birthday is today but the hat isn't quite finished due to having to rip back a few rows after dropping some sitches between the needles. I so want to do a lace shawl but again that's in my list of things to do. I've been rather pedestrian in my knitting testing out some of the new ruffly yarns that have come out. Sashay (Red Heart) and Ribbons (Lion Brand) are great yarns to give a boa like effect. Want to figure out how to make the Ribbons scarf in the round to give it a full on boa effect. Also knitting that yarn carried with Fun Fur in a contrasting color makes a beautiful effect. 
So, now that this post has been made, going to try and see how I can attach a pdf or link it to my artfire listing for the pattern. I'll put a picture of the glove here for people to look at and figure out how.

Hoping to try and post something here once a month. We'll see how that works considering how attentive I haven't been in the past... YEAR!

That is a direct link to my artfire listing for the Fern Garden Gloves.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back to stitching

Knitting wise, I've been reasonably productive. Finally finished the second sweater for the twins, moving forward on the other glove for Katie, ripped back the neck on a lace baby vest I started a while ago, don't know what I'm going to do with it other than maybe put it out for sale at the con. I've got the fabric and pattern out for a gathered skirt I want to make and wear to ConDor in three weeks. I should be okay on it. It's a super simple skirt that fifteen years ago I could whip out in a weekend. Due to my current condition and situation it may take me a week. Then I have to figure out how to make a vest (I have the pattern, just need to decide on a vest or jacket) and what I want to use for it. It needs to be vaguely Victorian/Steampunk, but anything close would be fine. I have other outfits I could wear but I haven't worn a skirt in so long, especially a costume type that it's calling to me. And it's a first time it will not be medieval. I have always loved bustle dresses, used to design them like crazy, and now that this whole steampunk thing is going, I now have a reason to wear them.
Shoes are another issue, but am not going to worry about that. I have some leather clogs that will work for now, comfort over the long term is better than period correct.
Need to get my jewelry inventory sorted and packed as well as figure out how we're going to set up a display and work area. We're hoping for an 8 ft table instead of 6, so Katie can set up some of her stuff for sale. It's been so cold lately she hasn't been able to work anything with clay which is a bummer. The little fruit dragon flies are so adorable they would sell in a heartbeat!
Well, need to go out to the fabric store and get a zipper and a pair of scissors to cut out my pattern. Have to use a card table to set up the machine on but that may work out okay.
Have to take it slow though, stomach is still tender.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wow has it been since August??

Geez. Guess my other stuff has kind of taken a front seat to posting here. Everyone follows my other one anyway so I may just close this one out and combine it with the main one.
I won't have that much time to devote to three blogs let alone one once I head back to work. Despite the time off and having two babies coming any day, I haven't been knitting that much. Been on the computer a lot, doing jewelry designs instead of knitting... bad girl!
So I may combine all my hobbies into one blog and just have two, one for personal stuff and the other for creative stuff. I have a blog for my jewelry stuff but it's over on my artfire account. Since not many people out in the aether get over there, going to have to make that a bit more public.
So, as of now, I'll be closing this blog, or changing the name or something and closing my gardening one for sure. If I don't have a garden, why have a blog about it?
I don't know what I'll call the new blog, but it will have something to do with life, creativity and the pursuits thereof.


On second thought... I just had two other blogs that weren't being used, I can keep this one open and just use it.
I couldn't think of a good name for a new blog and just capitulated, deleted the gardening and the 'book' blog and changed my mind.
Such is a crafting mind.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long time no post...again.

This is a needful post to show off my sister in law Olivia's gift to me. She crocheted a prayer shawl for me.

That's the best shot of it, and still doesn't do it justice. The yarn is multiple strands held together so there's one skein in the middle that has white in it. I'll have to model it sometime and get a good shot of it.
I am making one in return for her, with the same condition that I use 'what I have on hand'.
I am knitting a pair of infant sweaters for the twins, in Chargers light blue with a yellow and white band on the upper sleeve. Everyone who's seen it here immediately recognize the color scheme. Good. I didn't want to try and figure out how to do a lightning bolt!
I just picked up a new book, inexpensive surprisingly!  Knit Prayer Shawls: 15 Wraps to Share buy Leisure Arts. Hardbound and small enough to take with me. It's got some gorgeous patterns in it using yarn I could find almost anywhere! Great stuff and it is only $10!
Okay, now I need to go do some actual knitting. The first sleeve on the baby sweater is down to the cuff and I am in the middle of the shawl....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well, about the progress....

The gloves are on hiatus, the baby stuff has been given to the recipient and now... I found out that the twins are both boys!
Alrighty then... this makes picking colors for projects much easier. Going to make their life a bit difficult later on but here's hoping that they both are healthy and happy babies.
I hope I did mention it here, I've blabbed it everywhere else that daughter is having twins.
Other than that, looking at a possible 6 week layup due to the discovery of the dreaded B. C. 
Yep, I've got breast cancer. Having it analyzed and biopsied to see how much has to be taken off. Not looking forward to the possibility of a mastectomy, but what choice do I have?
Anyway, still knitting away, have blankets, booties and bonnets to knit. They're due in January and even around here, that's going to be a cold month.
Keep clicking away!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plugging along

I am working on a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend of Devon's. Her hands are tiny so they're going to be fast to finish even though I'm using sock yarn.
The 'set' for my coworker is done so I'm going to be somehow packaging that and taking it to work for her since she's due in September.
I sold another pair of earrings on artfire! Woohoo! Getting those mailed out tomorrow and then hope for more sales faster.
I've also created a few new necklaces, and hope to make some more sparkly types to sell at a fashion show in late August.
Personally, I'm leaning toward more organic and natural stones and settings, but can still create almost any type of jewelry. Working on some bracelets and necklaces using macrame and fine hemp or bamboo. I might start using some satin rattail cord as well with crystals or glass.
I'm kind of on a bead and yarn diet right now though, have to save up money for real expenses. Riiight.. you mean yarn and beads aren't real? Say it isn't soooo!
Okay... other than that, most of my other news is on my personal blog.
Keep on knittin'!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby blanket redux..

Sort of.
I have been trying to finish a baby blanket that was supposed to go to a friends baby who is now 3 years old. After the third mistake I looked at the size of it and thought, 'this is big enough for a lap blanket in a stroller without being too big. Screw it.' and I started the seed stitch border. I'll be glad to get that finished and then make a hat to match. So this coworkers baby is going to have... a singular hat, two pairs of socks (vastly different sizes but out of the same yarn) and a blanket and matching hat. Geeez!
After that's all done, I have to get cracking on preemie stuff for my own grandbabies! We still don't know and won't for several weeks. Amber is seeing a peri-natalogist in a week and then her own doctor as well. Basically she's got appointments every two weeks for the next four months. She's added two more names as alternates, Scarlett Joy and... dang can't remember what the boy alternate was. She came up with extras in case they are two of the same gender.
I still don't like Paisley! bleh. I'm afraid it's going to prejudice me against the little thing and it's not even her fault! What's a mom to do? I've heard so many stories about families being at odds because of the pressure in naming a baby. Scarlett Joy is a mouthful and as far as word meanings go... kind of odd. But she would be answering to Scarlet Martinez. (Don't know if she's using one or two T's on the end).
Okay, this is the last rambling of the day... going to grab the blanket and hunker down in bed for a bit before going to sleep. Don't have work tomorrow and kids won't be over until around 5 or 6 so.. I get to sleep in tomorrow! Turn off the alarm and do whatever I want for half the day!