Friday, May 22, 2009

Various news

First, I decided to rip back the few rows I did on the leg of my Pond sock simply because it's holding me back from finishing it. I can insert some rib stitch there or maybe a cable. It's ten stitches so almost anything (except for the one eyelet rib pattern I did) will work.
Second, I had three students this week for class, yay! One was an eight year old girl who was trying very hard to get it right, it may take her a little longer, but she's determined to do it. She wanted to do it for show and tell at school which I think is cool because then she'll tell everyone where she learned...maybe get me some new students.
And third... I'm destashing some of my beads on Etsy as part of my downsizing and decluttering in preparation for going mobile. Oh and I sold a total of two sets of stitch markers at the shop, got paid $15 which is my fault. I didn't ask her what her consignment cut was and offered half. doh! Won't make that mistake again. But she agreed for me to bring in a few more and keep those there. I just need to make sure to put the needle size on the package.
I haven't done any packing of my yarn or knitting things yet... I just look at the drawers of yarn and can't think of how to put them into a box. On the other hand, I bought a new organizer for my bead stuff and that's getting compartmentalized and downsized. Hence why I'm selling some on etsy.
Think I'll go check that and see about uploading some more pictures.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things are smoothing out

Minor crisis with Amber, turned out to be a UTI that got up to her kidneys, she'll be fine though.
On the knitting front, I had to rip back four rows of the gold shawl because I was forgetting to add in a yo at the end of the row. Tried to pick it up but botched it because it wasn't a centered, it was an angled pattern and just resolved to tinking back. I did that last night and this morning was able to knit back up to where I was before. It's a very quick pattern so far, I've got most of it memorized so it is working up fast.
I'm going to be sorting through my stash and boxing up yarn that I will never use and be bringing it to the stash swap whenever we decide to have that.
Okay, just wanted to drop a real quick note here before heading off to work. Looking forward to seeing people on Monday!
Oh, almost forgot we have a semi regular new person named Katie, she came over to my place last Monday and was trying to work out one of the Creepy Cute Crochet patterns. Hope she's got it figured out, she wanted to do a Cthulu or one of the other wierd dolls...hehehe, she's a lot of fun.
Okay,see ya.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little premature

I haven't gotten an official eviction notice, just the pay or quit in three days.
I do still plan to try and be out of my apartment by mid June just for convenience. I truly can't afford this on my own and since money from my Etsy site isn't rolling in, going to have to downsize again. To my car, a tent and motel rooms. There are plenty of opportunities for one bedrooms and rooms to share that I can afford, I just don't know if I want that hassle.
Dan and Amber are staying down here for good. Dan just went back up to Tahoe to get the rest of their stuff and they're looking for a new place of their own. They know all the cheap areas of town and actually have friends in that vicinity so it works for them to move there (North Park, Hillcrest, and that area)
I am going down to Needlecraft cottage to pick up my stitch markers, or what's left of them. I was supposed to do that yesterday. Since Liz is there on Wednesday I may just go down and visit and let them know I'll be back next week to get them.

As for projects, I'm still working on the Kimono Shawl from the Folk Shawl book and am using the Vanna Glamour in gold. It's turning out rather nice and when I figured out how long it would take me to finish it, (based on two and a half rows in 15 minutes) I may be close to done in about two or three months. It's going to take about eight balls of the yarn too, rather expensive when the yarn is about five dollars.
Okay, off to update other journals, and I'm on twitter now but not on my phone. I only did it to see if I could do my biography in 140 characters. Which I did. I'm also checking in at Facebook again, have no idea why I signed up there in the first place but oh well.

Oh, if anyone has a copy of Interweave Knits magazine Spring 2008 I can borrow, let me know. I would like the shawl pattern in there to do in one of my lace yarns.

See ya!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Packing up

If you haven't been following my other journal. I'm being evicted. I haven't finished paying my rent for last month and don't have the money for this month so we have until the end of the weekend to pack up.
That's being optimistic of course. We have an official three day notice to pay or quit and I'm going to let the office know that the soonest we can be out is Sunday due to waiting for 11th hour save that hasn't come.
So, I'm packing my knitting stuff into boxes, saving out current projects and making sure my stash is safe and accessible. My beading stuff will go back in the box it came out of, the two bags of earrings and markers will be with me just in case.
I have to go down to Needlecraft Cottage and see if anymore of the markers have sold. Not likely but I still have a Pollyanna streak.
I don't have the money to stay anywhere else right now, kids are going to stay with friends and I'll likely end up sleepingin my car down at Campland or in a hotel room.
I don't know of anyone that can put me up, not staying in a shelter (talk about depressing and icky!) and I don't qualify for any emergency housing or funds because I still have a job that pays well.
I'll still be able to make it to Monday nights as long as my car holds out at least. I won't have much in the way of computer access until I can afford a laptop so communication will be random from work.
There really won't be much to report until I have a new place anyway so....
Happy stitching and see ya in the future!