Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shocking news!

I reported a few weeks ago that Amber was pregnant, well she had been complaining that she felt bigger earlier than usual.
Tada! First doctor visit and sonogram... SHE'S HAVING TWINS!
This is the first set of twins ever in this generation of our family. far as knitting goes... I have to plan for two of everything. ::sigh:: better get cracking on them too. Early January is the expected month, since she had a c-section last time AND it's twins... she gets to pick the birthday within the 36th week.
Her baby shower is being planned for September so as not to conflict with Ava's birthday in October.
Twins. If both are healthy and go to term...that is just stunning!
I have to go find some preemie patterns now. Hats, sweaters... lots of them. But with no genders to go with them it's going to be interesting.
The pictures she brought home show two distinct silhouettes, which means fraternal and could be two of one or one of each. One of each would be good..three girls oh crap! Two boys whoa...
Oh, and we both agreed that we'll need little stretchy bracelets for them to keep them separate. Which means I get to make bracelets for them!
(I jokingly told her 'what about a tattoo?' Both she and Dan have multiple tattoos, she said if it were legal to tattoo children she'd do it!) to find some patterns on my computer. I know I have a couple. Or three.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going to be selling some knitting

Getting kind of desperate here.
Roommate situation is getting me worried so I'm going to be putting the brown fingerless 'Steampunk' gloves up for sale. Maybe $45 or $50 and see who wants them. Just wondering if I should charge more. The yarn was free, it's just the labor that was involved which only took me a week. The other gloves I'm working on, the cotton/wool Fern Garden ones that I designed myself are still in progress so I can't do those yet. When I do get that done, the pattern and the gloves are going up for sale. The pattern for $5 and the gloves (for very small hands) for $50. Those I'll post on Ravelry a well as Artfire. The pattern will be converted to a .pdf so people can download it.
There wasn't any knitting this week because I didn't get there until 7:30 due to computer stuff. I helped Jae with her knitting for a bit then went to go visit my kids. Socks are almost done, starting on the toe for the second one, everything else is plugging along.

Okay, need to get breakfast.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well it has been a long time..

I have over 75 items listed now, working on another necklace, and some bracelets. I've done three other necklaces as well and have those posted.
As for knitting, I'm working on a pair of baby socks for co-worker, hat is finished, pulled out a blanket I had started for someone else and will be finishing that since it is sort of boy colors it will do just fine. Going to go to knitting tonight and show off the new yarn I got to do another blanket or maybe a shrug for me...
I've got a cable scarf I'm plugging away at occasionally and picked the Fern Garden gloves up again to try and get those done so I can edit the pattern and get it listed on Ravelry and/or my own site.
So right now, have to scoot to knitting. tootles!