Friday, February 27, 2009

Changed my mind

The Peacock Diamond sock has been ripped out and is now going to be the Oriel Sock in the Sensational Knitted Socks book.
It turns out to be a toe up sock instead, so that will still give me more practice on a toe up heel. The other heel is kind of in limbo still, trying the heel the way that K2Karen described it and so far, so good. We'll see what happens when I start turning the heel and getting to those yarn overs and stitches.

Note to other knitters wanting to use the "Round Toe" directions from the book:

It says to cast on 8 stitches, join in the round and start doing increases. On my two circs.. I didn't realize it until the third round that you still have a small eyelet hole right there. You can't do a smooth toe doing that cast on! It will have a small hole! I don't know if they left out directions or what, but it seems wrong to have a small hole like you would at the top of a hat. I chose to do the Judy's Magical Cast On from New Pathways book. Or do the figure 8 cast on instead.
I'll be putting that up on the forums on Ravelry to see if anyone else has caught that.

Oh, the other thing is, with the typical 'star toe' increase, you have just one round plain between the increase rows, with the 'round toe' they increase the row count between the increase rounds as well...which I didn't catch until I was up to four stitches between increases. I'll just knit plain until I get to two inches of toe before starting the pattern, that'll work out just as well.
The other thing about the Oriel lace is it's 28 rows! No plain rows, because there's purling in a small section. I was writing out the cards for the pattern and put three rounds (or three sets of rounds) on each card because for two different sections there were four rounds that were the same so two sets of instructions were for eight total rounds.
Whew! Hope that isn't as confusing as it felt writing it down!

Okay, getting ready for my weekend, bringing the Oriel sock with me and one of the k1b scarves, both of those I have screwed up on the increase side so I have had to rip back several rows. Again. sheeesh! The only other time I remember having that much trouble with a pattern was the Kiri Shawl.

Time to get something to eat. Won't post until Monday since I'm staying with someone at the con.
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sock issues

I am at an impasse with both sock patterns.
With the Peacock Diamonds, I have to figure out the join between the beginning of the round and the end of the round.
The Lily Pond sock... I'm following K2Karen's directions for a yarn over toe up heel and it's confusing.
She's using someone else's directions for the heel and it's just a bit confusing.
Placing markers I understand, it's the yarn over that's confusing. She wants you to yo on the RIGHT needle after you turn when the yarn is coming off the left needle.
Huh? Am I supposed to slip it first, and then do the YO? I don't have a picture of that heel, but I found a picture tutorial on it but haven't had time to sit down and look at it in depth. I need about forty-five minutes of uninterrupted time with my knitting in front of me.

"Knit until 2 sts before second yarn marker, Increase 1, k1, turn work.
Yarn over from front to back on right needle. Place marker."

First, she doesn't explain the 'increase 1'. I chose to do a k1f&b, and was confused because that would give you two increases which, from what I understand, you k3tog or p3tog to take them all in.
There's gotta be something simpler between this and a w&t. I just need time to sit down and work it out. As I always say, "Trust the pattern." I always try to second guess or jump ahead in the directions, thinking that I know where it's going.... have to learn to slow down and do the steps.

Okay, have to get going and run some errands. Get new socks and some other necessities.

Monday, February 23, 2009

More progress this time

I found a sensible heel flap guide for a toe up sock so the Lily Pond sock is moving ahead. Testing Nancy's glove pattern was challenging and fun, kind of an intermediate pattern so it gave me a challenge in a few spots.
I didn't get a chance to get a group gestalt on my diamond peacock sock so that will have to wait until next week.

I broke down and bought two balls of the Red Heart sock yarn. The 'spring pastel' and the off white because I have it in my mind to do something involving a 'fake isle' pattern or a solid heel and toe sock.
And I just like the colors.
I'm having a hard time connecting to yahoo and blogger tonight, is everyone in the world trying to check email or what?
I'm hoping to get word out on the weekend about knitting in addition to Nancy's class at the con. I hope to get some knitting done in public and hand out smoe cards for the group.

Other than that, ooh I started a green cabled scarf that's turning out a bit narrower than I would like, but if I make it longer, then it can wrap twice around someone's neck. I have a coworker that loves that shade of green but my son likes it too so it's going to be a difficult choice in who gets it.

It's going to be a short week for me with the con starting on Friday and not having work all weekend. yippeeee!
I so needed a vacation. Hope to post something interesting before the weekend.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Difficult to type,

tip of my left index finger is split due to weather...which makes it incredibly painful to type quickly.
It also makes it a bit uncomfortable to knit, but you know that won't stop me. I'll be showing around my 'revolutionary idea' on Monday night and maybe have a couple sets made up. I don't want to give up too much of it in public until I have several sets made up and ready to sell. I'm calculating the cost now, but haven't got all the supplies together. There's a few moderately expensive items I need but Amazon is great for finding things like that and with my $24 left on my gift card, makes it more affordable.
Or I could buy yarn with that money... dang, difficult choice.
One of the test runs I did on the prototype works like a charm, just a matter of figuring out how to package it.
I think it's going to be unique and exciting enough that knitters and crocheters will want to have it in their arsenal of tools.
Gods, I sound like a magazine ad!
But this time it really is true.
Anyway, I have ink in my printer again so I can start printing labels and cards again. As well as knitting patterns.
Okay, finger is really bothering me now, have to give it a rest.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I had another idea

I have an idea for a new way of keeping track of pattern rows. Well, it's a modification of an idea I got from someone else...but it's a vast improvement too.
Going to get the prototype done and see how it works, get the details taken care of and then will announce it's release here and on Etsy.

(I could swear I already started to write this, so if I find the other post....)
Anyway, the new sock I'm working on is proving to be a pain. I'm using the 'Smiling Diamonds' lace pattern over 72 stitches and it works out perfectly to six repeats of the pattern. On two circs it ends and starts the round on the end of the needle, which... it a bit of an adventure since the extra stitches that are usually on the end are not there...I start at least three or four rounds with a yarn over. Luckily I've done that before so I knew what to do, but the last row has an involved ending if you were working flat. I haven't gotten that far yet so I don't know if I need it or not.
Also, I'm on row 16 (or 8 if you don't count the straight knit rounds) and have dropped a stitch toward the beginning. I backed off the first three stitches and since it's in the purple section of the's difficult to see what happened. I have to get a look at it with good light and.... sigh..... a magnifier possibly.
The lace pattern itself is a bit involved, but I worked it before on a large shawl with Homespun yarn. This is the other extreme I think... and my hands aren't as nimble as they used to be. I also did it top down, so the bottom points of the diamond (the 'smiling' part is at the top..which makes it look kind of like either feathers or for me since the yarn is called 'Peacock'.
Okay...going to go get another piece of pizza and take one of the glucosamine and some alleve and maybe do some more on that sock.
I do have pictures uploaded, have to go get them onto the web now. Not the new sock but the Lily Pond sock..which I am writing the pattern for as well as the Peacock Feathers sock.
(so named, so it shall be.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I created something unique!

Well, unique because I created it. I was thinking of the pattern I saw of a 'Sockmark' that's a double ended sock for a bookmark. I did a single 'sock' for a bookmark but it's flat. I'll hopefully have pictures and possibly a pattern for it soon.
Another moment of sporadic genius, I finished it in a day and it can be longer, but this is good for a paperback, and I accomplished a short row section with wraps! I initially tried to do it as a double knitted tube, but it was difficult to do a 1/1 rib at the top doing that and it wouldn't be a tube.
It's kind of cute really. Hoping to get this posted to ravelry and maybe sell the pattern for a $1.00 or even free.

I spent most of the day just lazing around town. Visited Needlecraft Cottage in PB where Liz unpacked some new, new yarn. Mostly bulky/bumpy but nice stuff, it's made in the USA too and darned if I can remember the name of it.
I worked a little on my sock and talked to her about the issues with that and she told me about the toe up heel and toe that Lucy Neatby has in her book Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Have to see about buying it at Beverly's when I have money next.
I took tons of photos along the estuary and in one of the canyon parks. It didn't rain after all until this evening, so that held out. It was very cold and windy though, and I had my jacket, a sweater and a scarf on while I sat on the seawall and ate my lunch after going to the shop. I came very close to buying some Baby Alpaca yarn... very, very close. It was only in natural colors but it was soooo sooofffft!. With the yardage on it, the best I could do with one skein is a scarf. But it would have been such a warm and soft scarf!
Okay, enough nattering on. I have work tomorrow... most likely in the rain and cold. No one was at knitting class tonight by 6:15 so I didn't bother going over there and wasting gas.
I could have gone to Jolene's for dinner tonight...but the whole gas thing and being able to get to work.
Hope everyone has fun this weekend! Happy Valentines to everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new project and other

I was given a request from my granddaughter to make a hat for her teddy bear.I had never made a tam before so I made the smallest one in the red and blue sock yarn. It's about three quarters done now and it'll only be a little big.
I was working on it at work last night and my coworker (who does know how to knit a little) asked what it was, I told her and she said 'What a waste of time. Making a hat for a bear?'
I was a bit offended at that remark.
No knitting is a waste of time. Even if you do a swatch in a new stitch pattern, you have learned a new pattern and have something to show for it. I have never made a tam before, and now I know the secret to making them flat on the top as well as making a floppy, 'rasta' type hat. I know the way different decreases will affect a striped yarn on a hat and when I make a pom pom for it, I'll have added that knowledge to my skill base.
So, no knitting is a waste of time. Even when you make mistakes, you have learned from them and that's always good. Frustrating, but what learning process isn't frustrating at some point?
By the way, I retaliated that I had never made that type of hat before and it's good to make something small first before tackling a larger project so you get the hang of it.
Socks in a lace pattern are a good practice for doing a large scarf or shawl.

I have tomorrow off completely and most likely it's going to rain. I plan on trying to visit a few yarn shops with a very tight budget as in I shouldn't buy anything at all. Using the gas alone is going to be a strain, but I need to do something for myself without anyone or anything giving me restraints on time.

So, right now I'm going to go make pancakes from scratch. Something I've never done before.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More ripping

I was all the way down to the foot on a 'baby' sock out of the TLC Baby blue and realized that it looked too large for the size baby foot I thought it should fit. It's supposed to fit a 2-4 year old foot, which it just might, but I ripped it back to the gusset and added ribbing on the instep to give it a little more flexibility. If I can finish that by Wednesday, then I can start on the second one and then, maybe do a sweater or hat to sell on Etsy.
I want to see how quickly I can knit a baby sock and then get an idea of how many I can make in an average month. I looked at some other sock and hat combos that people were selling and the average price is about $26. That seems more than reasonable for a pair of hand knitted baby socks. Throw in a hat and it ups the price a bit, but if you're someone looking for a hand crafted item but can't do the work yourself, it's affordable.
I think I can get a hat, sweater and a pair of socks out of the same skein of yarn. I have some of the pastel variegated left and plan on adding a chain stitch trim on the socks and maybe a line or two on the hat. The sweater of course is going to be top down, which is a fast knit. An entire ensemble can be done in about a month I think, socks being the fastest, I might even pick up some other yarn and coordinate them. One minor issue with the yarn is the variegateds feel a lighter weight than the solids. Changes the dynamics when knitting on the same needles.
Lion is introducing some new colors in Homespun, and as much as I dislike working with it, it does work up fast as a blanket.
I also want to do a diagonal blanket in the Jiffy, seeing as how it's about the same gauge, smaller yardage, but better colors and a nice fuzzy texture. When I have the money of course.
And then there's finding the money to buy yarn from knitpicks this week. Might have to postpone that ordering this time. the striped sock yarn is soo cool though! I love the colors in the Imagination yarn... and they're limited colors too.
What a quandry!
Meanwhile, back in Reality Land... sigh... can't afford food let alone yarn I may never get to knit with until next year. Ah well, tomorrow is knitting night at Starbucks... I look forward to that every week, it's my one bright spot.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Started the sock over

Okay, so I found another stitch pattern for my sock. I took a good look at the toe and realized that I haven't even worn it and the toe looks like it's been in a shoe several times!
I picked a stitch pattern out of the Vogue Dictionary of Stitches I had received unexpectedly. It'll work all the way up the leg. I'm going to have to decide whether to make this pattern completely around the leg or only in the front and back. I may use a few ribs in between the patterns to let it hug my leg...sounds good in theory. I'm keeping track of it to a point and may submit it to either ravelry or etsy for sale. Nothing incredibly difficult but I did come up with it and it is a toe up sock so it's mine.
Still haven't looked at the vest, it's still in time out in the corner. My brain's been on other things lately other than knitting. Namely a mid life crisis...but it's about due for that.
I still haven't decided on a lace project yet either, there's still time for that. I didn't start on the sock projects until November so I've got time.
Stupid hot flashes..bugging the crap out of me right now. That's why I was making the vest, something to wear at work that wasn't too heavy or long sleeved. I may get some cotton yarn and make a lace shrug. hmmm, lace shrug with a ribbed flared collar....done in short rows. dangit, creative mind on the fly again.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stupid blogger...

When I checked for the actual post I made after the nine student didn't show at the top of the list...dangit. So this is a repost of the duplicate post I did this morning.
I'm going to be creating a blog for my everyday stuff. I already have an extensive blog over on LJ, but Blogger seems to be more used and popular with the kind of people I know.
As soon as that's set up, I'll put a link to it on my main page for this journal.

I'm into row 7 of the sock pattern and can't find any of my 3x5 cards, nor the box they were in. They're likely in the garage somewhere or someplace 'safe' or 'out of the way'. hmmph.
So far it's going okay and it may well be the right size finally. I'm looking forward to it unfolding under my hands. The vest is still in the corner, some projects just have to hibernate for a while before you can face them again with a calmer mind and plenty of time and good lighting.
So... apologies for the duplicate post, going to check my settings and see about the order posts are shown on the page.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I ripped it.

The blue green sock I started out of the Essentials yarn. I got so frustrated with the vest last night after I dropped a stitch, I threw it in a corner and looked at the sock. I didn't want it to lean around my foot so I'm deciding whether to do a Rivulets sock out of this one and rip out the blue version and start that over with fewer stitches. Why is it I am having so much trouble with making a sock for myself?!?? Grrrr.
Have you ever had one of those 'stupid' knitting periods? Even the simplest pattern you've done tons of times seems to be difficult.
The vest stitch I've been doing for a while, it's a pain in the ass because it has so many stitches and that's maybe why I made the mistake. I also need better light in my room and of course the dropped stitch is right in the middle of the hundred and something stitch row. That's the only other way I find mistakes, the first one is to find it at the beginning of a row and you're on the next pattern row so it's not just a matter of ripping back to the beginning of the previous row...noooo you have to rip back two full rows and get to the end of the third row.
Okay, enough ranting, have to get to work and take out my frustration on unsuspecting plants and customers.