Monday, December 7, 2009

I have graduated!

I have now mastered gloves. Well, at least fingerless gloves, finishing them off is not an issue. I made a pair for a friend with yarn leftover, going to use it to make a two color scarf for her as well. Reminds me to get some black or rust color sock yarn. Ooooh, either the Red Heart or Lion sock yarn in oranges would work! cool.
I'm making myself a pair now, out of the lion brand in the slate blue and gold stripe. Same exact pattern, maybe my hands aren't holding it as tight but it may also be a thinner yarn than the green I used. The first green set were a bit snug on my hands, but this one fits just fine, in fact a bit loose, but I know the yarn does fluff a bit after it's washed. I have the Kroy Stretch sock yarn that was going to be socks for daughter Amber, but now fingerless gloves are what she's getting and she approves.
Now if I can just find that lucious red and black yarn to do a pair for Devon. And for everyone else. Gloves don't use as much yarn and work up a lot faster than socks. So that may be the next set of projects I'm doing. Find that orange leftover yarn from socks for grandson and turn it into gloves. Gotta love the book Handy Patterns for Knitters. Something for everyone and sizes all over the map. Glad I got that out of storage as well.
Okay, have to be conservative with my time on the computer.
Expect me when you see me!
(could be monday night!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally something to write about!

I have knitted another sweater and a matching hat for Ava, my granddaughter, working on a pair of fingerless gloves for a coworker, and am going to work on a pair for Devon for Christmas as soon as I can find the red and black yarn I bought to make him socks. His hands are big but not nearly as big as his feet!
I'm feeling very accomplished now that I'm navigating the fingers on a glove. The pattern is in the Not Just Socks book, not going to buy that one because there isn't that much in there that I want to knit.
I also did another pair of socks for Ava..yeah, she's got more than anyone but that's because she's small.
I am going to work on getting some hats and maybe gloves or mittens done for Amber and the boys back east. I have two pairs of socks already done but they likely don't fit him anymore.
Okay, almost time to walk Ava to school, hope to be updating on my projects more soon. Also am going to try and get on Ravelry more too.

See ya!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We have new yarn at Beverly's!

We got Patons Angora Bamboo and Baby Bamboo...niiiice. We also got the Baby Jacquard but only four colors.
Yay Nice stuff! In the book department, I didn't order the Knitting in the Sun book after all but we can order it since it is on our list and we take coupons!

That's all for now, had to alert the media on this at work.

Expect me when you see me.

Sans Domicile Designs coming soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Yarn at Beverly's!!!!

Cestari wool and cotton yarns are in as well as the Red Heart Bamboo Wool!! We are getting Regia Mirage!!!! wooot! Bernat Baby Jacquard and Satin Sport. We also have new colors in the Red Heart Soft yarn in baby variegated colors and more colors in the Heart and Sole sock yarn.
Gotta check them out!!!!

That's all for now, more as it arrives.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Still knittin'

I'm offline but still keeping my fingers busy with projects. New sweater for Ava, shawl is in hibernation, working on a 'pedicure/sandal' sock for daughter.
It's hot! Don't want to work on anything heavy on my lap.

Expect me when you see me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first paid knitting commission

A lady with 'very little' English skills (Spanish) came into Beverly's and wanted to know if anyone would crochet a hat for her son. He wanted grandma to do it but she is in Spain and in her 90's and it would take too long etc.
I pointed her to Shar but Shar said she had two other projects she had to finish first, and besides the lady actually wanted a knitted cap.
I gave in and discovered that her son was 15 years old and only wanted a dark brown hat.
Bingo... 2x2 rib, Red Heart Soft Yarn (picked out by her) and then she wanted to know how much I would charge. I finally told her $35. I think that's reasonable given how easy the project is and nothing fancy. She gave me twenty as a down payment, paid for the yarn and I got her name and number and wrote down the details of the commission on the back of a business card.
I'm about a third done and I only started it on Thursday. I should have it done by next weekend and likely will have yarn left over. Which I might use in combination with the peacock blue color and do another hat to sell.
For a change, my lone student on Friday had learned how to knit when she was little and picked it up quickly. I showed her how to do a purl stitch, which she hadn't learned to do previously, and she was on her way. She says she'll be back to start on a scarf, which I am looking forward to showing her the 2x2 rib pattern she wants to do.
She picks up on the terms and concepts of knitting quickly, which makes my job much easier. Almost too easy. But it was fun anyway.
So more on that later.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Store Front Opened!

I discovered another artisan site similar to Etsy, only better!
Art Fire is a similar set up but they have two levels of buying and selling. You can register as a free seller, but have limited avenues for promotion and advertising and the other, at $12 per month, you get your items automatically listed over at Amazon and several other places. If you refer ten people to the site, you get free listings for life!
I don't have ten people that would be interested in going there but if you are, let me know and I'll start a list.
The shop name is the same, and I'm getting used to the idea of not having to pay every time I list an item. That (and not having enough photos) was what kept me from listing over on Etsy.
New shop will mirror my etsy store for now, but will be adding newer stuff on artfire.
woohoo! Pretty color customizing for the store front too! I also like the fact that it's a 'Green' site and has more views available for each item.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I made a sale!

Actually three sales.
Two sets of stitch markers at the store, two pairs of earrings to a coworker and one pair of earrings on etsy.
Hopefully this is a sign of things to come soon!
I'm in the process of sending off the etsy sale and can't find my thank you stamp I was going to use..going to have to go to Michaels on lunch tomorrow and do that before I mail it. Going to try and print up a thank you card on my printer, but don't know how that's going to turn out.
And then I went out and spent $15 on beads. Well that's what the money is for isn't it?

As for knitting, I'm surprisingly sticking to the one project, it's satisfying my need for a medium size lace project that isn't increasing but staying the same and isn't very complicated. Although, my brain is thinking I need to work on the socks I started.
Pretty much doing the shawl and beading right now... hope to start making more sales soon and give me an excuse to make more.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Various news

First, I decided to rip back the few rows I did on the leg of my Pond sock simply because it's holding me back from finishing it. I can insert some rib stitch there or maybe a cable. It's ten stitches so almost anything (except for the one eyelet rib pattern I did) will work.
Second, I had three students this week for class, yay! One was an eight year old girl who was trying very hard to get it right, it may take her a little longer, but she's determined to do it. She wanted to do it for show and tell at school which I think is cool because then she'll tell everyone where she learned...maybe get me some new students.
And third... I'm destashing some of my beads on Etsy as part of my downsizing and decluttering in preparation for going mobile. Oh and I sold a total of two sets of stitch markers at the shop, got paid $15 which is my fault. I didn't ask her what her consignment cut was and offered half. doh! Won't make that mistake again. But she agreed for me to bring in a few more and keep those there. I just need to make sure to put the needle size on the package.
I haven't done any packing of my yarn or knitting things yet... I just look at the drawers of yarn and can't think of how to put them into a box. On the other hand, I bought a new organizer for my bead stuff and that's getting compartmentalized and downsized. Hence why I'm selling some on etsy.
Think I'll go check that and see about uploading some more pictures.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things are smoothing out

Minor crisis with Amber, turned out to be a UTI that got up to her kidneys, she'll be fine though.
On the knitting front, I had to rip back four rows of the gold shawl because I was forgetting to add in a yo at the end of the row. Tried to pick it up but botched it because it wasn't a centered, it was an angled pattern and just resolved to tinking back. I did that last night and this morning was able to knit back up to where I was before. It's a very quick pattern so far, I've got most of it memorized so it is working up fast.
I'm going to be sorting through my stash and boxing up yarn that I will never use and be bringing it to the stash swap whenever we decide to have that.
Okay, just wanted to drop a real quick note here before heading off to work. Looking forward to seeing people on Monday!
Oh, almost forgot we have a semi regular new person named Katie, she came over to my place last Monday and was trying to work out one of the Creepy Cute Crochet patterns. Hope she's got it figured out, she wanted to do a Cthulu or one of the other wierd dolls...hehehe, she's a lot of fun.
Okay,see ya.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little premature

I haven't gotten an official eviction notice, just the pay or quit in three days.
I do still plan to try and be out of my apartment by mid June just for convenience. I truly can't afford this on my own and since money from my Etsy site isn't rolling in, going to have to downsize again. To my car, a tent and motel rooms. There are plenty of opportunities for one bedrooms and rooms to share that I can afford, I just don't know if I want that hassle.
Dan and Amber are staying down here for good. Dan just went back up to Tahoe to get the rest of their stuff and they're looking for a new place of their own. They know all the cheap areas of town and actually have friends in that vicinity so it works for them to move there (North Park, Hillcrest, and that area)
I am going down to Needlecraft cottage to pick up my stitch markers, or what's left of them. I was supposed to do that yesterday. Since Liz is there on Wednesday I may just go down and visit and let them know I'll be back next week to get them.

As for projects, I'm still working on the Kimono Shawl from the Folk Shawl book and am using the Vanna Glamour in gold. It's turning out rather nice and when I figured out how long it would take me to finish it, (based on two and a half rows in 15 minutes) I may be close to done in about two or three months. It's going to take about eight balls of the yarn too, rather expensive when the yarn is about five dollars.
Okay, off to update other journals, and I'm on twitter now but not on my phone. I only did it to see if I could do my biography in 140 characters. Which I did. I'm also checking in at Facebook again, have no idea why I signed up there in the first place but oh well.

Oh, if anyone has a copy of Interweave Knits magazine Spring 2008 I can borrow, let me know. I would like the shawl pattern in there to do in one of my lace yarns.

See ya!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Packing up

If you haven't been following my other journal. I'm being evicted. I haven't finished paying my rent for last month and don't have the money for this month so we have until the end of the weekend to pack up.
That's being optimistic of course. We have an official three day notice to pay or quit and I'm going to let the office know that the soonest we can be out is Sunday due to waiting for 11th hour save that hasn't come.
So, I'm packing my knitting stuff into boxes, saving out current projects and making sure my stash is safe and accessible. My beading stuff will go back in the box it came out of, the two bags of earrings and markers will be with me just in case.
I have to go down to Needlecraft Cottage and see if anymore of the markers have sold. Not likely but I still have a Pollyanna streak.
I don't have the money to stay anywhere else right now, kids are going to stay with friends and I'll likely end up sleepingin my car down at Campland or in a hotel room.
I don't know of anyone that can put me up, not staying in a shelter (talk about depressing and icky!) and I don't qualify for any emergency housing or funds because I still have a job that pays well.
I'll still be able to make it to Monday nights as long as my car holds out at least. I won't have much in the way of computer access until I can afford a laptop so communication will be random from work.
There really won't be much to report until I have a new place anyway so....
Happy stitching and see ya in the future!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting knitting wanderlust

Well, if that's what you call it.
I pulled off my son's sock that I hadn't done much on and started the second Oriel sock instead. I didn't like the way the toe was coming out anyway. I am currently working on a baby sweater out of the Red Heart sock yarn, turning out very cute. I used the off white for a lace collar instead of the standard garter stitch collar. That style collar is okay on older kids and toddlers but not a baby. I've also started a corner to corner garter stitch baby blanket in Homespun, size 10.5 needles which will be added to my project list over on Ravelry soon. Both will be actually, with photos soon. I've been getting good about taking pictures and getting them uploaded quicker.
I almost bought a book on knitting triangle shawls and a hank of alpaca lace weight down at Needlecraft Cottage. I was a good girl, the yarn wasn't even that epensive! Only $8 for almost 500 yds! But... I think I want to hold out for a different color than what she had in stock. I think maybe two or three hanks ought to be enough, will have to see when I get to that point. It was sooo soft!
The only other issue I have is... what the heck am I going to do with a lace shawl? Not like I go a lot of fancy places that I'd use it, but it's the idea of being able to actually knit a true lace shawl. That's my knitting resolution this year and my daughter doesn't seem to understand that.
She actually told me that I shouldn't really buy more yarn and finish some of the projects I have already.
Imagine that! Finishing projects! I've finished a lot of projects... but right now I have two scarves, two pairs of socks, the baby blanket, a k1b vest (that I think I'm going to rip out and start over as a wide scarf instead), the baby sweater, and of course... the sweater for her that I haven't finished and has been in progress for four years.
I think it's a symptom of Spring... new plants, more sunshine, need to start new projects.
Ah well.. must hold out... at least until I have the money to dispose of in the direction of yarns.
Oh, think I'm going to sell some of my yarn or trade it on Ravelry.
Oh, and I have over 45 sets of stitch markers made up and ready to list on Etsy, I sold one set at the N.C. so hoping more get sold soon.
Okay, getting late, can't think of anything else to write.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another stall out, another CO

I haven't touched the Lily Pond sock since I discovered the mistake. I then cast on with the Red Heart sock yarn for a infant hat in two colors. The spring mix and the white is going to be a 'fake isle' pattern. I was hoping to do an alternating heart design but the stitch count is off by about six stitches for the number that are in the hat. I can fudge that a bit with the seam allowance in the back. It should turn out very cute. Not quite ready to do that in a sweater though, since I would have to use size 2 or 3's on it. Even a baby sweater would take forever!
I've got several more sets of stitch markers made, might upload them to Etsy this week. But speaking of the hat pattern, need to go look at a few stitch patterns and see if there's one I can use.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photo as promised

I finished the Oriel sock,

This is just after the heel turn, but amazingly, it FITS! I thought I had a picture of it finished, but I guess those are still on the camera.

I started a pair of baby socks with Wool Ease as a gift and a KAL for the Sensational Knitted Socks group. Yet another baby on the way, an acquaintance from the nursery. I can't say that she's a friend since she's one of our vendor reps but she comes in almost every week so we kind of know her.
We got some new colors of Homespun in and one of them is 'Painted Desert' I couldn't's gorgeous! I got a skein of that and a pair of needles to do another Shnarf for myself. Going to have to write that pattern down and put it up on Ravelry or Etsy. It's all the 'southwest' colors in russets, gold, teal, a tiny bit of green... and it stripes! I may end up doing a longer scarf in it just to get the color changes.

I had started the kiri shawl with the Carribean color of the lace yarn but ripped it out. Just wasn't happy with it. I'm going to offer up the three balls of that color on Ravelry for trade or sale. Just not my color scheme. I picked up the 'Redwood Forest' color and at first had thought it was just brown but in good light, I can see some more depth to it. Might use that for lace shawl. If I can do socks, I can do a shawl in lace yarn.
Okay, off to find a patern. Again...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ruh roh...

I miscalculated on the Lily pond sock.
When I added in the decorative rib I didn't realize that it is a four round pattern and the lace arch is 11 rounds. When I get to the next round one..the rib pattern is off by one round. I have to rewrite the pattern now to match what I designed.
Dangit. Didn't think of that... should have used just a regular rib pattern. Ah well, such is the designing life. I'm almost done with the first Oriel sock, going to try and do a sewn bind off for the cuff. I tried the suspended bind off, which was supposed to be stretchy, but it wasn't any stretchier than a regular bind off in pattern.
Zoya was doing a sewn bind off and said that was the one that got the best results for a toe up cuff.
So anyway... going to go upload some photos and post them as promised.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My markers are in a shop!

I took the markers that I just made and showed them to Liz down at Needlecraft Cottage and she offered to put them in her shop on consignment!
Yippeee! I'll have pictures of them up shortly so people can see some of what is down there. There are eleven sets, all but two will fit up to a size 3 needle, the other two will fit up to a size 6.
They really are pretty and when I went down to visit today and showed them to Phyllis, she was ecstatic! Enough that she called another lady that she had mentioned my markers to and left a message to let her know they were down there.
Oh, my yarn came from Amazon, it's Cascade Heritage in Dark Sunset and it is a dark maroon with just a touch of navy blue. Devon (son) thinks it looks better than he even though, now I just have to get that made into socks that will fit and not be too short on the leg. So obviously I'm going to do a toe up sock pattern because he likes shorter leg socks anyway. I just handed him the Sensational Knitted Socks book and told him to pick out a pattern that wasn't too complicated given the dark color.
Okay, for the record so I have it written down:
We figured out due to possible gauge and stitch count the best pattern will be...
Garter Rib with a possible gauge of 7 or 7 1/2 his stitch count will be 80. The other option is 72, but since I made socks for me with that count... I think 80 is better.
Okay, off to do some more markers and some jewelry.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ribbit again.

I ripped out about an inch of the cuff on the Oriel sock because I realized I had more yarn left than I thought. So I'm doing a half repeat of the pattern and then start the cuff. More than enough yarn for that. Maybe even for a whole repeat.

The yarn I ordered on Amazon from Alpaca Direct (Dark Sunset...medium and dark burnt reds) is shipping today from Oakland. That means it should get here Thursday or Friday. Devon still doesn't know I think, it's going to be an early birthday present for him with the promise of turning it into socks before October. It depends on how long it's going to take me to do the current socks. I only have two sets of sock needles and they're both being used.. I refuse to only do one sock and then stop because that opens up all sorts of gauge issues. Bad enough doing them one at a time. The Oriel already appears smaller than the Lily Pond but that's due to the difference in the lace pattern.
I cast on for doing a baby sweater but pulled that off the huge long cable and started a Kiri shawl with the lime/blue Carribbean lace yarn. It had better start looking good or that's going to be a bust as well. It's not my colors and lord knows (again)why I picked out those colors. I think they looked a bit more subdued on the screen.
I have three balls of that, the blue jean color and a brown... not in the mood for plain colors right now but will have to be at some time.

I made six sets of 'lace/sock' markers that will fit up to a size 3 needle. They're tiny so they don't get in the way but they're purty! Haven't had a chance to get pictures because SOMEBODY took the rechargable batteries out of the charger and put them in the remote. So the camera has been dead for the last 24 hours. No one has to be anywhere tomorrow morning so I will be going to Needlecraft Cottage and show Liz the markers and the card system.
Okay... going to move on to the next journal and see about posting my personal stuff there. Lots of drama there....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aack! Haircut!

As you can see by my new photo... I got my hair cut. It's way shorter than I wanted it, leave it to say I was looking for something other than the 'K.D. Lang' look. Oh well, it grows out, just take about three months for it to get to the length I actually wanted.

I am knitting the cuff on the first Oriel sock..woohoo! Going to do that until I run out of yarn and if it's long enough, I'll just do it as a fold over cuff. I like those kind better anyway. I didn't think I had enough to do another repeat and a long enough cuff, so I just have to remember the stopping point. I had to rip back the first try at the cuff, which almost turned into a disaster. I was at work and wanted to get it done, so I started a K2P1 rib,but halfway around that I realized I had started with a k3P1, soooo, ripped that all back in about fiteen minutes. I then knitted the k2P1 rib for about a half inch and then double checked the pattern and it was supposed to be a 1x1 rib. Sigh. It's all fixed now and I'm running along nicely.

I succumbed to yarn envy and the desire to see if I can do socks for someone other than a kid. My son (18 and 6'2") wants a pair of socks too.. in red and black or some combination of those colors. Well... I had about $24 left on my Amazon gift card so he stood over my shoulder and looked through yarns that were there and found one called 'Dark Sunset'. I hope it's the color that it looked like on the screen. I'll know sometime next week when it arrives.
I've also been making new sets of stitch markers for smaller needles. i.e.: they fit up to a size 3 needle. I made three sets of five and two sets of six markers. They should be up at Etsy sometime tomorrow or Monday evening. I also have a new set of earrings in red, pink and clear crystal bicones. They're gorgeous and I wish I had thought of that for Valentines.
Another mised opportunity, oh well.
So now the only thing left is to find another set of sock needles ..because once that yarn arrives I'll want to dig right in and start another pair.
The other problem is I should be researching a shawl pattern because that's my knitting goal this year; a true lace weight shawl. I'd love to do that Forest Path or the Peacock Feathers patterns, but one is only in a book and the other isn't free either, but at least it isn't a book.
The Forest Path is two of my favorite things, Entrelac and lace patterns.I just might have to spring for that pattern...but I do have a couple of other patterns I downloaded so I want to go through those before committing.

Okay, it's almost 11 and I'm pooped. Eyes are getting foggy, time for bed.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back to the Lily Pond sock

After discovering this new short row method, I have decided to rip back the Lily Pond sock and use that heel. I got out the cards I made for it and discovered that one of the lines was almost totally obliterated from it sliding around and being played with by granddaughter. I panicked because I couldn't remember what book I got the stitch from.
At lunch today I suddenly remembered that I had made some notes in my journal book in my bag. Lo and behold..there it was! I got the stitch from the Vogue Dictionary of Stitches!
Yay! Because I need to add on about two more inches of foot before I can start the heel. The Oriel Sock has an impossibly long foot section and it looks like I'll be able to get two full repeats of the lace on the leg before having to start the cuff.
Another 'yay'.
Oh, and I listed a few of my earrings on Etsy again as well as the first version of my Infinite Stitches Pattern Cards.
Yay! Spread the word... I'm selling them now. Hopefully. As soon as I get some more cash flow in, I'll be trying to streamline the process so I can make a set of ten in one night. The only thing left is to get the extra fine sharpies to go in with it and the large bags. I figure by the time I get the first order, I'll have enough change to get those and be all set.
Oh yeah..the label cards... that's easy.
Okay, so I just have the cards and laminating sheets, binder rings and clips..but that's good right?
Alright, going to go laminate some more so I have some ready.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I found it! After the fact.

I was looking for a short row heel that didn't involve wraps, and knew that since you could do it with a heel flap, why not do it with just short rows. I couldn't find the directions at the time and continued on with the double wrap instructions from the SKS book.
Well, now I have found the Short Row Holy Grail!
Priscilla Wild figured this out (and as she says in the video, she's on Ravelry too) and put a video demo of it up on YouTube. I have put the link over on the sidebar for the video... it's so simple and it works! Going to be using it on the second Oriel sock so they'll be both short row but one will be (hopefully) smoother.
Had two students for class tonight, fun ladies at two different skill levels but at least the 'beginner' had knitted ages ago. She may have thought she had forgotten, but her hands and brain remembered. I could tell after she did her first row she had learned to knit at some time in her past.
Okay, getting a bit late and have two other blogs to post on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Around the corner!

I successfully navigated and completed the short row heel on the Oriel sock and am on my way up the leg. I somehow ended up with one less stitch than I should have on the heel needle but just picked up a thread and everything is cool. I am on round 10 of the stitch pattern and every time I try to take a picture of the sock indoors it's too dark, even when I set the camera for indoor/low light.
I'm also looking at some extra wide lace edging patterns for that costume design, also a narrower edging for the collar. Now, in actuality the original version of this was likely a jacket over a blouse with lace edging. I don't know if I want to do a separate blouse, I hate buttonholes and standard clothing. That's why I was in the SCA, long tunics and hidden zippers or lacing up the back.
I saw some absolutely gorgeous fabric at Home Fabrics today. Unfortunately, most of them were not the colors I need for the Victorian outfit. I found one or two fabrics that would do okay for the skirt but ... still not the perfect piece. I got some ideas for the more medieval gown that I have. Actually it may end up being a rather non-specific era, possibly a 'noble's' gown from some future planet. All these ideas and no money to implement them.
I tried to scan the purple plaid fabric but it came out very subdued... hard to get across the idea.

OH! Beading NEWS!
South Sun is opening a new store down on Midway across from the Michaels store...which is right around the corner from the nursery.
Oh this is such a bad thing for me and Kathleen (coworker who also likes beads). Bad news for Michaels too.. since they sell bead stuff, this is going to be really interesting. There's also another bead store about five minutes away (ten if there's bad traffic) so this is going to be interesting to see what happens. I know the exact building they are using and it's very small compared to the one up in Kearny Mesa. I think I'm going to have to visit there after they're officially open on Monday.
Okay, have to get to bed and work some more on the Oriel socks.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I scored on some patterns!

I went to Joann's looking for fabric, because the store I wanted to hit was closing in ten minutes when I called.
Joann's is a disaster. They have all the signs of closing the store but the employees are clueless. It wasn't that bad a year ago when I was in there, so this is a sure sign that they're eventually closing. Either that or they have no intention of caring about the customers.
The pattern table had only one updated book for Simplicity and the other books were all from last year. The patterns in the drawers were in no way consoidated, many of them had the separator card turned so it was red on top which is a sign that it's being discontinued and yet they hadn't pulled them.
It was a disaster trying to find anything.
I was lucky though... I got a Butterick pattern and it's close to the pattern I had in mind, it's missing the bustle but that's easy.
I think this will do for the dress I have in mind:

The darker view on the left is the one I want to use. The skirt is full enough I could put a small bustle in it or just put a bustled skirt over it. I almost bought a hat pattern and a cape pattern but put those back. I did get the corset, crinoline, pantaloons and camisole pattern though, and a token medieval gown pattern. The pantaloons are intriguing as they are split at the crotch so you don't have to pull them down to use the privy..interesting. Actually they're connected in the front, but not the back and they tie so you just untie them and drop trow as it were.
I haven't bought any costume patterns in years and I'm going to take advantage of my current mode.
Anyway... I have a hitch in the Peacock sock pattern, I went through this once already and didn't notice anything so it must be right, but the lining up of the pattern isn't working on the row I'm on (round that is, and it's 23). I had to run through the lace part once, backed up, double checked the stitch count, checked again and it isn't lining up...hoping I didn't screw up on something.

Going to go look at the costume pattern I got and see just how difficult the jacket is.

Oh, I figured out the name for my knitting's as obvious as the page I'm writing on...don't know why I didn't think of it in the first place. Oh well. Off I go.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Typo spotted in pattern!

I was running through the second repeat of the Oriel lace sock pattern and go to Round 11 I believe.. definitely will double check on that..
In any case, I discovered that there is a mistake in the written pattern that is not drawn in the charted version.
Here's the way it's printed:
Rnd 11: (P1), *P2, YO, P1, K2tog, P1, SSK, K1, YO, P3*

Now, not seeing the rest of the pattern, you would have to see the chart to understand that. It's forming a bottle neck of sorts, where the P1 is framed by the two decreases. the problem is, it's a K1 on either side.. in the chat it is correct, as it's printed here, it's wrong. That first P1 should be a K1 just before the K2tog.
So it should read:
Rnd 11: (P1) *P2, YO, K1, K2tog, P1, SSK, K1, YO, P3*

I was looking at it after I had done the entire row and suddenly had the epiphany I just described. It's too late to try and fix the previous round iteration but that's okay, I'm still on the foot. No one is going to notice.

Okay, I'm falling asleep here, Shrek 2 is on, Ava is down for the count.
Never sleep type, you end up with sentences from your head on the screen which has nothing to do with what you're actually typing.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sidetracked from knitting

I've been doing research into finding out whether I really want to do an 1800's costume for next year. I was looking through patterns and pictures for just the right skirt arrangement that I've had in my head since high school.
When I was on a trip to Canada, and before that, I was drawing pictures of simplified bustle dresses. They were 'themed' with the most spectacular one being 'The Peacock Dress' in blues, greens and a train with cascading layers. I think I found the pattern that I saw in my head. The skirt pattern of course, not the actual dress, but the skirt with the right falls and cascades... and it's a $25 pattern. ::head falls to desk in exasperation::.
I'm just following a wish in my head of course, never going to succeed in doing this but now I know that the design I thought of over thirty years ago could actually be out there. I think the original drawings still are in a box in the garage.
I don't have the money for bills let alone some hobby high hope that will not bring in money.
I am a lot closer to getting my 'Knit thing' finished. I have the one that I'm using right now, which means it's got writing on it, but I took pictures of it anyway. Then I went and checked on my Etsy shop,'s empty. All my listings expired so there's nothing for sale there. I won't be able to renew any of the listings until the weekend when I have a little bit of extra money. I haven't come up with a name for it yet either... other than 'that Flipping Thing'.
I am still moving forward on the Oriel Sock, which I need to get pictures up on Ravelry, so I can link this blog to it. I get paid tomorrow thankfully, from both jobs. Yay! I still want to knit a lace shawl, a true lace shawl, I have the yarn..just need the pattern.

Oh, one of my ideas for the dress, since the theme next year for ConDor is 'Ancient Futures, Steampunk' and other such anomalies... I was thinking of using a fabric for the dress that's 'futuristic' looking and knit a lace shawl or some accessory that would give it the right touch. Some metallic touches here and there, an odd fabric that shouldn't be there... some 'holographic' type fabric for trim... See, I've got a great idea, just no means of implementing it cheaply. Not to mention waiting until my front room isn't taken up by extra people. That will clear up in April hopefully.

I'm also working on some new stitch marker sets. We got some new bead strands (or maybe I just didn't notice them) at Beverly's. I didn't buy them last night because I remembered I have two coupons at home I could use on them. Now I have to find them...not too difficult though, I think I remember where I left them.
Okay, have to post on my other blog...
(the story blog I started I'm only going to post once a week on, otherwise I'll end up writing there instead of on the actual story.)

See ya!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So far, so good

Since I was busy at the con this weekend, I didn't do as much knitting as I would have, but more than I thought.
I worked on the Oriel mostly, and am on row 24 of 28. Since every row is busy, it's difficult to have it everywhere. It's turning out gorgeous though, and will likely fit as well as the other sock. Which, because I'm attempting a different heel, it's going to be a bit trickier to do and I should really have brought it for when I had at least two hours of downtime at the con.
I did meet a fellow knitter who was also a panel guest who was knitting a pair of neon green wool blend mittens for the Afghans for Afghans charity. I showed her my sock and she had never heard of using two circulars. I commented on her yarn and told her 'that child will not get lost in the snow.'
I got more connections and work on writing done than knitting, but that's why I went.
Soooo, pictures to come soon of Oriel.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Changed my mind

The Peacock Diamond sock has been ripped out and is now going to be the Oriel Sock in the Sensational Knitted Socks book.
It turns out to be a toe up sock instead, so that will still give me more practice on a toe up heel. The other heel is kind of in limbo still, trying the heel the way that K2Karen described it and so far, so good. We'll see what happens when I start turning the heel and getting to those yarn overs and stitches.

Note to other knitters wanting to use the "Round Toe" directions from the book:

It says to cast on 8 stitches, join in the round and start doing increases. On my two circs.. I didn't realize it until the third round that you still have a small eyelet hole right there. You can't do a smooth toe doing that cast on! It will have a small hole! I don't know if they left out directions or what, but it seems wrong to have a small hole like you would at the top of a hat. I chose to do the Judy's Magical Cast On from New Pathways book. Or do the figure 8 cast on instead.
I'll be putting that up on the forums on Ravelry to see if anyone else has caught that.

Oh, the other thing is, with the typical 'star toe' increase, you have just one round plain between the increase rows, with the 'round toe' they increase the row count between the increase rounds as well...which I didn't catch until I was up to four stitches between increases. I'll just knit plain until I get to two inches of toe before starting the pattern, that'll work out just as well.
The other thing about the Oriel lace is it's 28 rows! No plain rows, because there's purling in a small section. I was writing out the cards for the pattern and put three rounds (or three sets of rounds) on each card because for two different sections there were four rounds that were the same so two sets of instructions were for eight total rounds.
Whew! Hope that isn't as confusing as it felt writing it down!

Okay, getting ready for my weekend, bringing the Oriel sock with me and one of the k1b scarves, both of those I have screwed up on the increase side so I have had to rip back several rows. Again. sheeesh! The only other time I remember having that much trouble with a pattern was the Kiri Shawl.

Time to get something to eat. Won't post until Monday since I'm staying with someone at the con.
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sock issues

I am at an impasse with both sock patterns.
With the Peacock Diamonds, I have to figure out the join between the beginning of the round and the end of the round.
The Lily Pond sock... I'm following K2Karen's directions for a yarn over toe up heel and it's confusing.
She's using someone else's directions for the heel and it's just a bit confusing.
Placing markers I understand, it's the yarn over that's confusing. She wants you to yo on the RIGHT needle after you turn when the yarn is coming off the left needle.
Huh? Am I supposed to slip it first, and then do the YO? I don't have a picture of that heel, but I found a picture tutorial on it but haven't had time to sit down and look at it in depth. I need about forty-five minutes of uninterrupted time with my knitting in front of me.

"Knit until 2 sts before second yarn marker, Increase 1, k1, turn work.
Yarn over from front to back on right needle. Place marker."

First, she doesn't explain the 'increase 1'. I chose to do a k1f&b, and was confused because that would give you two increases which, from what I understand, you k3tog or p3tog to take them all in.
There's gotta be something simpler between this and a w&t. I just need time to sit down and work it out. As I always say, "Trust the pattern." I always try to second guess or jump ahead in the directions, thinking that I know where it's going.... have to learn to slow down and do the steps.

Okay, have to get going and run some errands. Get new socks and some other necessities.

Monday, February 23, 2009

More progress this time

I found a sensible heel flap guide for a toe up sock so the Lily Pond sock is moving ahead. Testing Nancy's glove pattern was challenging and fun, kind of an intermediate pattern so it gave me a challenge in a few spots.
I didn't get a chance to get a group gestalt on my diamond peacock sock so that will have to wait until next week.

I broke down and bought two balls of the Red Heart sock yarn. The 'spring pastel' and the off white because I have it in my mind to do something involving a 'fake isle' pattern or a solid heel and toe sock.
And I just like the colors.
I'm having a hard time connecting to yahoo and blogger tonight, is everyone in the world trying to check email or what?
I'm hoping to get word out on the weekend about knitting in addition to Nancy's class at the con. I hope to get some knitting done in public and hand out smoe cards for the group.

Other than that, ooh I started a green cabled scarf that's turning out a bit narrower than I would like, but if I make it longer, then it can wrap twice around someone's neck. I have a coworker that loves that shade of green but my son likes it too so it's going to be a difficult choice in who gets it.

It's going to be a short week for me with the con starting on Friday and not having work all weekend. yippeeee!
I so needed a vacation. Hope to post something interesting before the weekend.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Difficult to type,

tip of my left index finger is split due to weather...which makes it incredibly painful to type quickly.
It also makes it a bit uncomfortable to knit, but you know that won't stop me. I'll be showing around my 'revolutionary idea' on Monday night and maybe have a couple sets made up. I don't want to give up too much of it in public until I have several sets made up and ready to sell. I'm calculating the cost now, but haven't got all the supplies together. There's a few moderately expensive items I need but Amazon is great for finding things like that and with my $24 left on my gift card, makes it more affordable.
Or I could buy yarn with that money... dang, difficult choice.
One of the test runs I did on the prototype works like a charm, just a matter of figuring out how to package it.
I think it's going to be unique and exciting enough that knitters and crocheters will want to have it in their arsenal of tools.
Gods, I sound like a magazine ad!
But this time it really is true.
Anyway, I have ink in my printer again so I can start printing labels and cards again. As well as knitting patterns.
Okay, finger is really bothering me now, have to give it a rest.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I had another idea

I have an idea for a new way of keeping track of pattern rows. Well, it's a modification of an idea I got from someone else...but it's a vast improvement too.
Going to get the prototype done and see how it works, get the details taken care of and then will announce it's release here and on Etsy.

(I could swear I already started to write this, so if I find the other post....)
Anyway, the new sock I'm working on is proving to be a pain. I'm using the 'Smiling Diamonds' lace pattern over 72 stitches and it works out perfectly to six repeats of the pattern. On two circs it ends and starts the round on the end of the needle, which... it a bit of an adventure since the extra stitches that are usually on the end are not there...I start at least three or four rounds with a yarn over. Luckily I've done that before so I knew what to do, but the last row has an involved ending if you were working flat. I haven't gotten that far yet so I don't know if I need it or not.
Also, I'm on row 16 (or 8 if you don't count the straight knit rounds) and have dropped a stitch toward the beginning. I backed off the first three stitches and since it's in the purple section of the's difficult to see what happened. I have to get a look at it with good light and.... sigh..... a magnifier possibly.
The lace pattern itself is a bit involved, but I worked it before on a large shawl with Homespun yarn. This is the other extreme I think... and my hands aren't as nimble as they used to be. I also did it top down, so the bottom points of the diamond (the 'smiling' part is at the top..which makes it look kind of like either feathers or for me since the yarn is called 'Peacock'.
Okay...going to go get another piece of pizza and take one of the glucosamine and some alleve and maybe do some more on that sock.
I do have pictures uploaded, have to go get them onto the web now. Not the new sock but the Lily Pond sock..which I am writing the pattern for as well as the Peacock Feathers sock.
(so named, so it shall be.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I created something unique!

Well, unique because I created it. I was thinking of the pattern I saw of a 'Sockmark' that's a double ended sock for a bookmark. I did a single 'sock' for a bookmark but it's flat. I'll hopefully have pictures and possibly a pattern for it soon.
Another moment of sporadic genius, I finished it in a day and it can be longer, but this is good for a paperback, and I accomplished a short row section with wraps! I initially tried to do it as a double knitted tube, but it was difficult to do a 1/1 rib at the top doing that and it wouldn't be a tube.
It's kind of cute really. Hoping to get this posted to ravelry and maybe sell the pattern for a $1.00 or even free.

I spent most of the day just lazing around town. Visited Needlecraft Cottage in PB where Liz unpacked some new, new yarn. Mostly bulky/bumpy but nice stuff, it's made in the USA too and darned if I can remember the name of it.
I worked a little on my sock and talked to her about the issues with that and she told me about the toe up heel and toe that Lucy Neatby has in her book Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Have to see about buying it at Beverly's when I have money next.
I took tons of photos along the estuary and in one of the canyon parks. It didn't rain after all until this evening, so that held out. It was very cold and windy though, and I had my jacket, a sweater and a scarf on while I sat on the seawall and ate my lunch after going to the shop. I came very close to buying some Baby Alpaca yarn... very, very close. It was only in natural colors but it was soooo sooofffft!. With the yardage on it, the best I could do with one skein is a scarf. But it would have been such a warm and soft scarf!
Okay, enough nattering on. I have work tomorrow... most likely in the rain and cold. No one was at knitting class tonight by 6:15 so I didn't bother going over there and wasting gas.
I could have gone to Jolene's for dinner tonight...but the whole gas thing and being able to get to work.
Hope everyone has fun this weekend! Happy Valentines to everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new project and other

I was given a request from my granddaughter to make a hat for her teddy bear.I had never made a tam before so I made the smallest one in the red and blue sock yarn. It's about three quarters done now and it'll only be a little big.
I was working on it at work last night and my coworker (who does know how to knit a little) asked what it was, I told her and she said 'What a waste of time. Making a hat for a bear?'
I was a bit offended at that remark.
No knitting is a waste of time. Even if you do a swatch in a new stitch pattern, you have learned a new pattern and have something to show for it. I have never made a tam before, and now I know the secret to making them flat on the top as well as making a floppy, 'rasta' type hat. I know the way different decreases will affect a striped yarn on a hat and when I make a pom pom for it, I'll have added that knowledge to my skill base.
So, no knitting is a waste of time. Even when you make mistakes, you have learned from them and that's always good. Frustrating, but what learning process isn't frustrating at some point?
By the way, I retaliated that I had never made that type of hat before and it's good to make something small first before tackling a larger project so you get the hang of it.
Socks in a lace pattern are a good practice for doing a large scarf or shawl.

I have tomorrow off completely and most likely it's going to rain. I plan on trying to visit a few yarn shops with a very tight budget as in I shouldn't buy anything at all. Using the gas alone is going to be a strain, but I need to do something for myself without anyone or anything giving me restraints on time.

So, right now I'm going to go make pancakes from scratch. Something I've never done before.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More ripping

I was all the way down to the foot on a 'baby' sock out of the TLC Baby blue and realized that it looked too large for the size baby foot I thought it should fit. It's supposed to fit a 2-4 year old foot, which it just might, but I ripped it back to the gusset and added ribbing on the instep to give it a little more flexibility. If I can finish that by Wednesday, then I can start on the second one and then, maybe do a sweater or hat to sell on Etsy.
I want to see how quickly I can knit a baby sock and then get an idea of how many I can make in an average month. I looked at some other sock and hat combos that people were selling and the average price is about $26. That seems more than reasonable for a pair of hand knitted baby socks. Throw in a hat and it ups the price a bit, but if you're someone looking for a hand crafted item but can't do the work yourself, it's affordable.
I think I can get a hat, sweater and a pair of socks out of the same skein of yarn. I have some of the pastel variegated left and plan on adding a chain stitch trim on the socks and maybe a line or two on the hat. The sweater of course is going to be top down, which is a fast knit. An entire ensemble can be done in about a month I think, socks being the fastest, I might even pick up some other yarn and coordinate them. One minor issue with the yarn is the variegateds feel a lighter weight than the solids. Changes the dynamics when knitting on the same needles.
Lion is introducing some new colors in Homespun, and as much as I dislike working with it, it does work up fast as a blanket.
I also want to do a diagonal blanket in the Jiffy, seeing as how it's about the same gauge, smaller yardage, but better colors and a nice fuzzy texture. When I have the money of course.
And then there's finding the money to buy yarn from knitpicks this week. Might have to postpone that ordering this time. the striped sock yarn is soo cool though! I love the colors in the Imagination yarn... and they're limited colors too.
What a quandry!
Meanwhile, back in Reality Land... sigh... can't afford food let alone yarn I may never get to knit with until next year. Ah well, tomorrow is knitting night at Starbucks... I look forward to that every week, it's my one bright spot.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Started the sock over

Okay, so I found another stitch pattern for my sock. I took a good look at the toe and realized that I haven't even worn it and the toe looks like it's been in a shoe several times!
I picked a stitch pattern out of the Vogue Dictionary of Stitches I had received unexpectedly. It'll work all the way up the leg. I'm going to have to decide whether to make this pattern completely around the leg or only in the front and back. I may use a few ribs in between the patterns to let it hug my leg...sounds good in theory. I'm keeping track of it to a point and may submit it to either ravelry or etsy for sale. Nothing incredibly difficult but I did come up with it and it is a toe up sock so it's mine.
Still haven't looked at the vest, it's still in time out in the corner. My brain's been on other things lately other than knitting. Namely a mid life crisis...but it's about due for that.
I still haven't decided on a lace project yet either, there's still time for that. I didn't start on the sock projects until November so I've got time.
Stupid hot flashes..bugging the crap out of me right now. That's why I was making the vest, something to wear at work that wasn't too heavy or long sleeved. I may get some cotton yarn and make a lace shrug. hmmm, lace shrug with a ribbed flared collar....done in short rows. dangit, creative mind on the fly again.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stupid blogger...

When I checked for the actual post I made after the nine student didn't show at the top of the list...dangit. So this is a repost of the duplicate post I did this morning.
I'm going to be creating a blog for my everyday stuff. I already have an extensive blog over on LJ, but Blogger seems to be more used and popular with the kind of people I know.
As soon as that's set up, I'll put a link to it on my main page for this journal.

I'm into row 7 of the sock pattern and can't find any of my 3x5 cards, nor the box they were in. They're likely in the garage somewhere or someplace 'safe' or 'out of the way'. hmmph.
So far it's going okay and it may well be the right size finally. I'm looking forward to it unfolding under my hands. The vest is still in the corner, some projects just have to hibernate for a while before you can face them again with a calmer mind and plenty of time and good lighting.
So... apologies for the duplicate post, going to check my settings and see about the order posts are shown on the page.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I ripped it.

The blue green sock I started out of the Essentials yarn. I got so frustrated with the vest last night after I dropped a stitch, I threw it in a corner and looked at the sock. I didn't want it to lean around my foot so I'm deciding whether to do a Rivulets sock out of this one and rip out the blue version and start that over with fewer stitches. Why is it I am having so much trouble with making a sock for myself?!?? Grrrr.
Have you ever had one of those 'stupid' knitting periods? Even the simplest pattern you've done tons of times seems to be difficult.
The vest stitch I've been doing for a while, it's a pain in the ass because it has so many stitches and that's maybe why I made the mistake. I also need better light in my room and of course the dropped stitch is right in the middle of the hundred and something stitch row. That's the only other way I find mistakes, the first one is to find it at the beginning of a row and you're on the next pattern row so it's not just a matter of ripping back to the beginning of the previous row...noooo you have to rip back two full rows and get to the end of the third row.
Okay, enough ranting, have to get to work and take out my frustration on unsuspecting plants and customers.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Nine People!

I had nine students for class tonight! I thought maybe two or four, but surprise!!! Nine times ten dollars is that much extra in my paycheck. At least five of them will be back next week... woohoo!
It was a bit hectic, one lady wanted help with turning a heel on a sock and had a language barrier as well, she sounded like she spoke French but when I looked at her notes, it looked Arabic. i could be wrong about the accent, but in any case, she's willing to come back next time and learn to do the heel on two circulars instead of dpn's. She was using a cottony type yarn on size 11 bamboo needles... just not conducive to good movement. Turning the heel is kind of intense anyway and I had to share her with eight other people. I think she was told there weren't as many people on Friday and here she shows up to a full crowd. That was mildly frustrating I think on her part and mine.
At one point on opposite corners of the class tables two separate people asked about purling and then asked about 1/1 ribbing. At the end of class as things were breaking up, one of them wanted to learn how to do a 1/1 rib scarf pattern she had picked up. I showed the differences in the stitches, told them that if you have a bump on the front it's a purl stitch and if it's a V it's a knit stitch. I think they got it then, and then they wondered about the term 'stockinette' stitch...had to explain that as well. Two or three of them had figured it out, but had never been told what it was called, only that it was 'knitting'.
One lady kept wanting to put the yarn in her left hand and I told her if that was more comfortable, go ahead and do it. The lady sitting next to her wanted to know how to do it 'their' way... and I watched what she was doing and told her she was doing it that way. She didn't pick up on the differences in holding the yarn, but when I watched her, she was doing it the American way. Got me confused for a minute there, but we got it straightened around.
I used the thumb cast on for all of them because it was easier to teach a large crowd, the looseness of it though through them off and by the end I showed one of them how to do the knit cast on and she was a lot more satisfied with that.
I was picking up on their reactions and body language and picked up on whether they were totally confused or got it.
Yay! Most of them were very enthusiastic about coming back and only one, a little girl had expected to learn crochet, not knitting likely won't come back. She was getting totally frustrated between her mom and grandma trying to teach her at the same time. They left early because the little girl was almost throwing a fit which I didn't realize but her grandma apparently thought she was 'disrupting' class. Unfortunately, I couldn't reassure either of them soon enough so they left with apologies. That's cool anyway.
So yeah... hectic two hours of teaching and almost talked myself hoarse but found my favorite Ricola's at Target and took one of those (with Echinacea due to dodging a cold right now).
Two hours= 120 minutes divided by 8... not a lot of individual time. That's 15 minutes a piece... truly not enough time to teach anything worth while. Going to start a teaching sock for the European lady.

So anyway... I'm now tired and Ava's been a pill all day which we can't figure out. The only thing I realized was different was she got almost 12 hours of sleep and hadn't eaten anything sugary all day. Wierd. Okay..enough now, all other projects are going to be on a small hiatus until I finish the teaching sock.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Brainstorm idea

combining knitting and costuming. There's a pattern in the K1b book for a 'Checkmark Scarf' done in a solid and variegated yarn that to me looked like something for an ambassador to wear.
Brainstorm hits me and I've got an idea for a costume but it likely won't be carried out, but it's a cool idea. I have a costume drawing that is a beautiful idea which I have the fabric for, but have never sewn. I suppose I could make it in addition to my Jedi outfit.... that would work.
Yeah that would work! There isn't any one set outfit for Jedi other than the tunic and lightsaber, some women wore skirts, some wore pants... so this would work. Got it!

Okay, other than that, not much else. Working on the k1b column vest and it's turning out beautiful. The green sock is just a Simple Son In Law Sock, inch and a half of k1p1 ribbing and then plain sock until about 7 inches later. So that's my mindless project for now countering the concentration needed for the k1b vest.
Okay, off to look at some yarn alternatives and make some sketches.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got gifties today!

Fellow coworker and crocheter attended TNNA and knowing my thing for goodies she brought back a few freebies, a pen, free pattern handouts for the K1b scarf, a pen, and something I am going to hang on to proud and loud a button that says "Do you think I'm SOXY?" Has pictures of striped socks on severl feet. Too cool! The bestest thing was, she was able to secure an autographed copy of Knit One Below for me. Woohoot! Way too cool. Oh, she also had a copy of Crochet magazine but I'm not into crochet like she is, and after looking through it and only findine one pattern that was a stunning panelled coat, I told her kindly that I wasn't interested in that. She had someone else that would love to have it so I didn't feel too bad.
I'm about five or six rows into the K1b column vest and have figured out that I need to try and knit a bit tighter otherwise it's going to be long and baggy. I just have two worsted yarns and actually may size down even more. Despite this would mean ripping back 143 stitches and starting all over. But if I preserve the center point where I cast on originally, I won't have to guess at how long I need it.
I'm falling asleep here at the keyboard, it's been a long day.
Cast off!
The more I think about it, the more my knitters instinct is telling me it's going to be way big and baggy on me even for a vest. ::sigh::
My fingers are also itching to start another pair of socks. I'm abandoning doing a toe up for now and will do a pair that (hopefully) will fit (how do you mark the difference between sister in law and son in law in abbreviations?) Dan...
As for my socks... that's another project that isn't turning out as well as I hoped. It's absolutely gorgeous but not perfect and I'm looking for perfect fit for me otherwise I might as well not make it for someone else.
I looked at the Pomatomous sock and the design is cool and it's very popular but that's the downfall. It's very popular, nothing new here.
I'll be buying the book 'Sensational Knitted Socks' and will be doing a lace rib sock from there. It's top down but I like the flow of the stitches better.
I'm also working on a wide scarf at work from the ball band on the Tweedle Dee. It's a simple three/three zig zag knit/purl pattern.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Casting on...

for the K1b vest from Knitter's magazine, using two variegated Patons Decor colors. A blue/green/white and a darker blue/purple(wine) and green, jewel tones and 'country' colors. Both colors I picked out two skeins to do little boy stuff but mostly because I liked the colors. They work well for this situation where it will coordinate with one of my favorite long sleeve lightweight shirts I wear to work. I needed a vest or shrug that would cover the back of my neck and shoulders. I also needed something larger gauge to work on and relieve my tendonitis from size 2 needles.
Sock drive is slowing down, four pairs in three months is high density knitting for me. I now know how to knit socks and finish them so that's accomplished. My next goal is a lace shawl. I have one in the works but not as complicated as I imagined the one that would test my skills a little further. Lace knitting I've done and I know that it takes a good piece of time in one block to concentrate on a pattern row. The other issue is space to block it when it's done, I eventually want to do a round or square shawl.... large space needed.
So that's the goal for 2009, a lace shawl in a single color (which I have, though it's a medium brown and not balled yet.)
So... going to go wash my hands and sit down with my vest and get some rows done. Oh, the only frustrating thing about that is casting on 143 stitches. I had to do it three times and then do it again with the second color. I ended up with a lot more extra yarn on the second color despite holding the two together when I measured for the second. Oh well, I'll take photos when I have a good few inches done so the pattern is more visible.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great gobbling goodies!

Thanks to Liz for bringing us a report from TNNA and the goodies. She showed us the knit one below in action, we had three new people, two said they would be back again. Nancy is making fantastic progress on her sweater, she's up to the neckline and ready to do the hood, Brandi did her swatch for the Sylvi coat, I was working on the psuedopomatomous sock and we generally took over the corner once again. I almost spilled my Double Chocolate slurpee on my knitting bag and I tried to take pictures of Nancy's coat but only one turned out good enough.
I'm debating on making a sock or a hat out of the Sour Balls sock yarn. Now that I know how to make a round top hat instead of a pointy top.
Oh and my son in law thinks he might have a size 11 foot! dangit!
Meanwhile in real life, we're out of money, out of food enough to fix for five people and I don't get paid until Wednesday, daught gets money Tuesday but most of that goes to daycare. I get vacation money and a day off next month, but most of that goes to bills. Really need to save out half the vacation money for a real vacation in April or June. Or to fix the car, pay up on some bills .. that kind of stuff.
::sigh:: Not enough to get a computer unfortunately..not even enough to pay down a credit card decently.
I'm looking forward to having a mostly empty house in four months. I already signed up for another 14 months here, so moving is not an option. The kitchen sink is backed up due to son not realizing that cucumber skins won't get processed good enough.
We're all hungry and it's not a good feeling to not provide for people under my roof.
Cross my fingers, knock on wood and all that the car holds out. Going to go see what I can scrounge in the kitchen.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ava found her socks

Yay! She found them in the laundry pile and is wearing them to daycare today.
I cast on for a pair of toe up socks in the Lion Brand Sock Ease 'Sour Balls' for son in law socks.
I showed it to him and my daughter and they both think it's a cool color. Why am I doing a toe up? Because I only have a rough idea of his shoe size. I think they're a mens 9 so I can work the length of the toe and when I see him next I'll double check measurements. Don't know how he'll feel about me measuring his foot.
I think I've found the pattern for the Lily Pond socks that has a kind of watery feel. It's either 'River Rapids' from Sock Bug or Overlapping Leaves. The first is a top down and the second is a toe up. The other issue is the sock size and pattern stitch count. Falling leaves is 24+1 and River Rapids is 8 stitches. The pattern I want to use is in the Sensational Socks book which I can't afford right now. I did figure out that the stitch pattern in that one is a modified Fuchsia by looking through my Barbara Walker book of stitch patterns.
Okay, now to the realization that despite my calculations, it feels like the toe of my sock is too big. I might have to back off several rows and start the stitch pattern immediately. I'm thinking of making these so I can wear them during the summer at work. If it gets warm enough that I should want to wear shorts that is.
Well off to find food and do some more pattern puzzling and knitting.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A knitters hands...

are kind of in the same class as a surgeon or pianists. If anything happens to the can seriously impact performance.
I was cutting some cucumber today at work using a serrated steak knife. Not the really heavy duty ones but good enough. Well, the inevitable happened and the knife cut my thumb. Relatively deep. I now I have a band aid on my thumb for at least another two weeks. At least it's on the outside edge and not on the pad. The last time I had an injury was when I closed the car door on my right pinkie. Broke it and also needed four stitches. That changed the way I held the yarn, which in a way is good. I've adapted to it and now can't hold it any other way.
I've had pokes and injuries to the pads of my fingers and it is seriously annoying when I knit.

You know you're seriously a knitter when the first thing that goes through your head in a situation like that is, 'Man, how is this is going to affect my knitting?'

I have finished the orange hat, pictures uploaded and ready to go. The sock only has the toe to finish, and then can send both pairs of socks and the hat off. A little late, I figured out a nearly invisible technique to sew the seam together. I don't recall seeing this anywhere but I'm sure it is, I just never paid attention to it for a hat. Only thing is, when I say it was a little late, I started sewing with overhand method at the top and halfway down I discovered the invisible technique. I've already finished it off and tucked all the ends in, not going to go back but might take another piece of yarn and double stitch that section so it looks consistent.
I've also cast on for a toe up and that seems to be going well, I'm double checking my own measurements so I don't make it too big this time. Still trying to decide what pattern to make, but might do the rivulet anyway..there might be another choice, have to look around some more.
I picked up the stitches on the peacock pair with two size 2 dpns just so I don't lose them. As soon as one of my circs is free, I'll slip them on there and figure that out. Actually, I think there's a set free or I could make them free, I started the pink and purple but now I think I'm going to finish that other pair as part of a new years resolution to finish UfO's.
Now, off to do the kitchener on the sock.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Interesting and banal

It's been Santa Ana conditions here lately (dry and warm westerly winds). I showed son in law the yarn, in fact he looked at the whole box of yarn and said any of it would be cool. He said that as far as snowboarding/skiing apparel the neon and bright colors are in. A pair of lime green socks would be cool according to him and his roommate up at Tahoe.
Alrighty then... one pair of lime green striped socks coming up. The Sock Ease has a colorway right up his alley.
I'm to the decrease point for the toe on the blue/red socks, started a toe up with the Essentials Lily Pad using the star toe pattern. I have to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the sock before I get to that point though. Might do the Riverbed/Rivulet pattern. I started that pattern with the peacock shaded yarn in my stash and have had to rip out the instep increase wedge because it was getting too big. I'm taking measurements carefully and doing stitch counts as well to make sure both will fit me properly.
My hands were killing me today, achey in the fingers and the tendonitis in the thumbs was acting up. That's preventable but would require me to stop knitting for a few days.
Going to put some lotion on, make sure to take my Alleve and glucosamine regularly and hope that helps it.
I almost seriously considered applying for 'The Best Job In The World' in Australia. Basically, in order to promote tourism and the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef islands they are conducting a worldwide hiring blitz. I read through all the conditions and requirements and when it got down to 'physically fit' and something about 'games and challenges' to decide the final winner, I decided against it.
You could take anyone you wanted, but the idea of six months of sun, sand, surf, and... isolation. Reporting via blog and video diary... not a problem, but if they're going to pit me against 20 and 30 somethings in challenges a la thanks. Oh and you would have to submit a video and photo of yourself as part of the application. Snorkel (which I have never done) I haven't swum in a long time and the idea of getting into a bathing suit is out of the question now. IF this had come up about six years ago, I would have jumped on it and taken all three of my kids with me.
So... I seriously considered it for about five minutes. Seriously. I'm not a young chicken anymore and do have some possible health issues (arthritis). Finances aren't in the best situation but it would have been $105,000 for six months! good god!
Now it didn't say if that was broken down monthly or all at once. Oh and the airfare and cost of a visa would be taken care of by the Australian Board of Tourism. You'd get to live in a three bedroom house for free, but they didn't say anything about food. I'd want to go fishing once in a while but the GBR is a national park situation.
Man that would have been the opportunity of a lifetime. Even three years ago would have been okay.
Back to knitting.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My KP Order came!

Got my new sock yarn, started another sock with the new needles and am now going to be putting one of my new yarns up for trade. It's a bulky weight and I don't remember why I bought it, I think I might have thought it was worsted weight and was going to make a hat out of it. Hmmph. Details coming soon on Ravelry stash listing.
Oh and today at work, a kinkajou climbed on my shoulders.
Short of it, a customer came in with it sitting on her shoulders (her pet obviously) and when she got close enough to me it did what they naturally do and used me like another tree branch and checked me out.
It was totally awesome! Sharp claws, kind of perfumey and musky but totally cute and not lightweight at all! I've been at the nursery for ten years and that is a first. We've had parrots, iguana, bearded dragons, dogs and cats galore and one spider monkey, though it was containerized so no contact.
A kinkajou. I've only seen them on tv and at the zoo, the zoo most likely would let a lot of people handle one for liability and health issues. No one else knew what it was, I felt like I should have been chaperoning her around. Oh, and when she was checking out a camellia, it leaned out and started licking the nectar out of one of the flowers (that's part of their diet, nectar and fruit).
It was soooo cool! Kind of like seeing a movie or tv star only you don't have to act cool. I'm only bummed I didn't have my camera with me. It was in my purse in the break room.

But anyway, I am finishing up the red and blue socks, starting a pair with the bright pink and purple BFF two ply and going to ask son in law if the black with speckles is to his liking for a pair of snowboard socks.
Black.. but with speckles! I stay away from black or dark colors like that because it's so hard to see the stitches, but since he doesn't want anything fancy, I can deal with that.
Okay... off to admire the yarns and maybe pop in a movie or maybe I'll make some dinner.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Headphones came, but not yarn

Darn it. Really wanted that tonight, oh well. It shipped on the sixth so maybe it will come tomorrow. I have turned the heel and am working on the gusset for the second sock, got lots of pictures. Told daughter tonight that I would be starting on a sweater for her older son soon, going to have to considering he's 6 years old and that's as big as the top down sweater patterns go. Might use the socks as a bribe for better behavior for him, he's been having issues lately with behaving.
Oh, when I was knitting the blue/red socks today at work, I had the finished one on the table in the break room and a coworker (who is Philippino) walked by and told me that 'what I was doing was cute' he picked the finished sock up and admired it. So fun..he's a bit older than I am so it was cute for him to stop and notice what I was doing.
My fingers have been aching a lot lately, I haven't been taking my glucosamine regularly as I should and I can tell. Same with the alleve. Just might have to give the doctors a call and see if there's anything else I can do to help. It doesn't usually hurt when I'm knitting but if I'm typing for too long, or playing a game online where it's just the keypad, it's bad.
I admit it that a I have been bitten by the sock bug. Part of the initial hesitation was the confusion on the heel. Well since I figured out a simple short row method rather than all that wrap and turn business, it's easy! With multicolored yarn it makes it even more fun guessing where the color is going to change in the pattern.
I've made baby and children socks, and have a beautiful blue green pattern started. It's a toe up so I'm going to have to find a different pattern to follow. The Riverbed pattern turned out too big but I'm not ripping it all out, just to the start of the increases. Trying to remember where my kp size two's went. I was using them on a sock... finished the orange pair and then started on the blue pair, where did I put them? Just found them, I started the second orange pair. I think I'm going to call it good for that and use a new yarn. Bright pink and purple alpaca sock yarn from Lonesome Stone. It's way bright but it's soooft!
"I'm itchin' to get stitchin' "

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trust The Pattern

If I had kept in mind the directions for making socks I wouldn't have had the issues with the sizing on the foot. Also I was shwon a wonderful little tool that a fellow knitter got that shows different shoe sizes and equivalent sock length then subtract an inch and a half for the toe. Doh! I knew this.. I've read it a few times with different patterns...
I'm tempted to buy the Knitted Lace of Estonia book for my next knitting challenge. The goal is to complete a lace shawl pattern before the end of the year. Preferably by December. I may end up starting it by Summer because a lace shawl is best done in the warmer months unless you're working with mohair or something fluffy like that. I'll have to see what happens. I would like to do the Peacock Shawl but in the appropriate blue green and brown shades for a peacock. I've got a yarn in mind, in fact I have it at home but only one ball.

Again, I'll have to keep muddling that through while I finish the pile of socks and the sweater or two that are in my head to finish. I still have the sweater for my daughter that needs the sleeves finished and then put it together and blocked. Or blocked and put together. I hate doing a sweater in pieces like that, it's tedious and it seems like it never ends and I hate finishing a project like that. That's why it's been sitting around for almost three years. Luckily my daughter is in her twenties and won't be growing anymore.
Need to do a sweater for grandson that I'm doing socks for, that's a longer term project and I want a certain yarn in a good wool blend for that.. His birthday is in October so I do have a way to go on that. Never too soon to start planning. I know the pattern I want, just a matter of finding the yarn. Already used up the knitpicks money, oh well.
More pictures soon. I uploaded the orange sock picture already.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Once again...

miscalculated on a sock size. Got all the way to the toe and tried it on my granddaughter who's 4 and it fits her perfectly. It needs to fit a 6 year old boy. Dangit. Debating whether to rip it all out and start over or to just do the next sock and start another pair. Sigh. Going to have to really work out gauge and just go for larger than I think. I now know the gauge for this particular yarn and the other so now I can make a better judgement call on the size.
I'm getting good at making socks, but not intentionally. Well that didn't make any sense... but you know what I mean.
Going to debate on the to rip or not to rip for a day or so then make a decision.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stash find

I was looking through my stash for a yarn suitable for making a vest to wear at work and discovered a long lost skein of Lion Magic Stripes sock yarn. It's heavier than the new Sock Ease, which is okay, and it's in the Washed Blues color so it's all kinds of blues and red. Perfect for another pair of socks for grandson. It's turning out great and I'm using size 3 needles which is easier on my fingers. I have discovered that I can now make a standard sock without looking at the heel instructions. I've mastered sock knitting finally. Now on to lace. I can do lace, but doing a full lace shawl with actual fingering or lighter weight yarn is the next test.
I have yarn to do it, in enough yardage, just a matter of finding the right pattern and there are tons of them out there! I got the knit picks catalogue which means my order isn't far behind.
I have pictures of all my socks on the computer, just a matter of getting them uploaded to flickr. Oh and as a reminder to anyone reading this, I still have my etsy shop with earrings and beaded knitting markers. I need the extra money so take a look please and tell others about them.

Okay, enough. Going to go pick up my sock and get that done, the gusset is finished and now it's just figuring out how long to make the foot before the toe decreases. Ta!