Friday, November 28, 2008

Tinking the day away

I realized on the orange sock that my decreases weren't working evenly. I had forgotten one on one side and so at one point I had 32 stitches on one needle and 35 on the other. ::Sigh:: Having to knit back about six rounds in order to get back to where I switched the beginning of the round from the heel to the instep. Almost to that point now but have to do a stitch count to be sure. Decided on a blue sock for an infant that it will have a short cuff and a short row heel almost immediately. Babies don't need a lot of cuff, nor a long leg part, especially when it's a spring baby.
I also found out that a friend of my daughters is expecting her baby in June, no gender yet but given a June baby, if I make socks or a sweater it should be 6 month size. Hoping she finds out it's a girl, I also hope that she keeps contact with her long enough to find out. It was a chance meeting at a local Rite Aid so we'll see what happens.
Have to finish the blue set first, that recipients mom showed up at work today and there's a possibility that she and her boyfriend/coworker might be breaking up. Buut that was a chance comment from the owner. Not going to trust that information. Not that I don't trust him, just don't trust information that is just offhand from him. Don't know where he got it from or how old it is.
Oh, had one student tonight, total beginner but she had at least tried to teach herself from a book, and she's about four inches into a triangle shawl with Homespun. She plans on coming back again until it's done so that's good. Oh, she asked how long it would take her to knit a shawl since it's something that's technically 'commissioned'. Using Homespun and size 13 needles... maybe two weeks if she had absolutely nothing else to do. She marveled at it being a long time, and I told her that was a short time to finish a 32" triangle shawl. Apparently she thinks I'm a 'professional' knitter and amazing because she asked if I ever get asked to knit on 'commission'. I made a scoffing noise and told her that only people who live in La Jolla or Coronado might be able to afford it. Told her the story about the naive woman who posted on Ravelry about having a custom cable knit sweater done for about $20. The yarn alone would be more than that. I think that opened her eyes a bit to the process of knitting and how much it costs.
Another lady stopped and asked if I was knitting a sock (the orange one that is obvious it's a sock) and we chatted for a bit. She had done socks before but on dpns, told her the two circs simplified the process incredibly. She seemed skeptical, but I hope I convinced her, she bought a ball of the Lion Sock something good came of it..

Oh, watching Star Wars right now on some station... always good for a trip down memory lane. Think I'll go pick up my knitting and watch the rest of it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone who reads this!

All two or three of you.
Like I said, until people start commenting and letting me know that someone out there is reading this, I'm just talking to myself.
Working on the orange sock still, have turned the heel and am working the gusset now. Well, not NOW... waiting for a pie to cook that should have been done last night. Forgot to do the pies.
I was reminiscing to my two kids about the kitchen my mom had.
We had a four bedroom house with a 1/4 lot. The kitchen was massive (to a 5 year old) but she had a double oven with a full electric stove, a built into the counter blender/grinder/mixer station. (the base is inset into the counter with a cover when you're not using it. When you needed it, you filled the container, put it on the appropriate peg and turned the dial. Very 60's and handy!) Anyway, she had a double oven. Amazing. Counter space, double sink, corner cupboard and a full pantry with drawers for all her spices and supplies. Amazing kitchen.
Well, the turkey is in the oven, and nothing to do but either watch tv, snack or take a hike in the canyon. Oh yeah..and let the kids clean up the cooking mess.

Have fun!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ripped again...

I have to learn to just follow a pattern and trust the pattern. I was knitting along on the Lion Sock Ease, 2x2 rib got about an inch and thought, 'this is for a six year old, how long do I really have to make this ribbing?' I decided to try and change to a 1x1 rib and after about five or six rows realized it was too loose. sigh. Pulled the needles out and reinserted them back down at the last row of double rib where I had deviated. It's kind of loose but the good thing is, it will eventually fit him.
So I'm back on track with the orange sock and putting the blue one on hold. Son in law has requested (jokingly) that he wanted a beanie (with writing on it saying he was the shizzle...something or other) I told him to go make it himself. Then I got serious and started looking for an appropriate yarn, considering all options like chunky yarn, dk knitting (which is still an option) and plain worsted. What I have decided on is a cabled beanie pattern based on a simple ribbed beanie, and add cables. Just have to decide on a color, which may end up being something that I don't have. Since he's going to be wearing it where it snows (likely when he gets back) he needs it to be warm, but soft and something that he will WANT to wear. He's going to be a 'snow technician' up at one of the resorts up at Lake Tahoe so it's going to be chock full of other 'dudes'. So maybe something black and red, or maybe that Pines mix of Wool Ease. It's dark though and cables won't show on it, so that might be good for just a plain double rib beanie.
So, with all this decision making I might end up doing two. Wool ease gives the warmth of wool and the washability of acrylic. Good choice for one, the other cabled beanie.. can do it in either the Wheat color or the natural...or any other color for that matter.

As soon as my needles get free I can start on that for a Christmas present.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My needles came!

So, started the sock over again from the top instead of the toe because my thumbs are sore. Not at the ends from the needles but down at the joint and tendon from pushing and holding things that are too small. If this keeps up... I may have to stick with more worsted weight and larger projects. Oh well. I want to accomplish at least one more pair of socks with actual sock yarn before I HAVE to give up small stuff.
I was looking around at my finished stuff (or mostly finished) and discovered three hats, two sweaters and a pair of baby socks with another two pairs of socks on the needles. Though one pair is for my grandson and not baby size, though it is small. The other pair is in the Baby TLC blue to match the hat I just finished. (photos are still in the camera)
An inspiration just struck for a pair of earrings and possible markers to match... gotta go! When the muse strikes.. follow it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another one down!

I finished the matching hat for the sweater and will be starting a pair of socks to match the set from the blue. I'll be using the 'Naptime' Baby TLC to do a pom pom for the hat, it's going to be sooo cute! Photos coming as soon as I get good light to show off the colors in the sweater. The needles from KnitPicks still haven't come, hoping for tomorrow.
Baby things are so easy to finish quickly, even with ripping back I can finish a top down sweater in about two weeks, maybe three. A pair of socks in about the same time and a hat in two or three days.
I have a four year old granddaughter and a six year old grandson that could use some accessories too, but getting the size right is a bit more complicated. I've got a picture of Ava's 'Neopolitan Sweater' on flikr, going to have to upload more of the other stuff. Said that already didn't I?

Okay, nothing left to say.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Finished Object!

I finished another baby sweater and am close to finishing the hat to match, then will be doing another pair of socks to match that set. The baby in question isn't going to be entering the world until March so I'm ahead of the game surprisingly enough. The socks are another hopefully successful attempt, the last try ended up with one smaller than the other despite starting the second right after the first. I might try doing two at a time but since I just bought only two 24" size 2, that may not work, we'll see. Those are meant for the Lion sock yarn, I can use the size 3's on the Baby TLC.
I have two 16" size 2 that I can't use anymore, they've given me some horrid tendonitis in my thumbs. I'm willing to sell them for ten dollars if anyone wants them. Of course if you are going to use them you have to have hands the size of a four year olds. Or be of the upper crust and knit with your pinkies in the air because there isn't enough shaft to hold!
For those that want to see and don't know, I have my other photos of FO's on Flickr, just look at my Ravelry profile for the link.

I am still trying to sell my jewelry and markers on etsy, and have an idea in the works that requires a good bit of money to accomplish. Not to mention cooperation and feedback from the knitting community.
Stay tuned for more details when I feel the time is right. If I loose the dogs too soon it will never happen.
(oh and why do I have a walking frog? Because it is one of the most random things I have ever seen on a blog)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome to my new home

Welcome to my new blog for knitting and stuff. If you come by here out of curiosity, don't just go away without saying anything. I hate that. I need to know that someone else is reading what I write otherwise I can just sit in the corner and talk to myself or my knitting, which I do anyway. Sometimes I might break into a story, a rant, ramblings and comments. Hopefully I will be putting up links to pictures of my knitting projects.
I have a regular blog about my normal life, this is here just for my knitting. I trashed my livejournal group journal because I was just using like a blog anyway.
So sit back, relax and be patient, I'm not the most consistent poster but when I do it's usually worth reading.