Monday, December 7, 2009

I have graduated!

I have now mastered gloves. Well, at least fingerless gloves, finishing them off is not an issue. I made a pair for a friend with yarn leftover, going to use it to make a two color scarf for her as well. Reminds me to get some black or rust color sock yarn. Ooooh, either the Red Heart or Lion sock yarn in oranges would work! cool.
I'm making myself a pair now, out of the lion brand in the slate blue and gold stripe. Same exact pattern, maybe my hands aren't holding it as tight but it may also be a thinner yarn than the green I used. The first green set were a bit snug on my hands, but this one fits just fine, in fact a bit loose, but I know the yarn does fluff a bit after it's washed. I have the Kroy Stretch sock yarn that was going to be socks for daughter Amber, but now fingerless gloves are what she's getting and she approves.
Now if I can just find that lucious red and black yarn to do a pair for Devon. And for everyone else. Gloves don't use as much yarn and work up a lot faster than socks. So that may be the next set of projects I'm doing. Find that orange leftover yarn from socks for grandson and turn it into gloves. Gotta love the book Handy Patterns for Knitters. Something for everyone and sizes all over the map. Glad I got that out of storage as well.
Okay, have to be conservative with my time on the computer.
Expect me when you see me!
(could be monday night!)

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