Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well, about the progress....

The gloves are on hiatus, the baby stuff has been given to the recipient and now... I found out that the twins are both boys!
Alrighty then... this makes picking colors for projects much easier. Going to make their life a bit difficult later on but here's hoping that they both are healthy and happy babies.
I hope I did mention it here, I've blabbed it everywhere else that daughter is having twins.
Other than that, looking at a possible 6 week layup due to the discovery of the dreaded B. C. 
Yep, I've got breast cancer. Having it analyzed and biopsied to see how much has to be taken off. Not looking forward to the possibility of a mastectomy, but what choice do I have?
Anyway, still knitting away, have blankets, booties and bonnets to knit. They're due in January and even around here, that's going to be a cold month.
Keep clicking away!

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