Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wow has it been since August??

Geez. Guess my other stuff has kind of taken a front seat to posting here. Everyone follows my other one anyway so I may just close this one out and combine it with the main one.
I won't have that much time to devote to three blogs let alone one once I head back to work. Despite the time off and having two babies coming any day, I haven't been knitting that much. Been on the computer a lot, doing jewelry designs instead of knitting... bad girl!
So I may combine all my hobbies into one blog and just have two, one for personal stuff and the other for creative stuff. I have a blog for my jewelry stuff but it's over on my artfire account. Since not many people out in the aether get over there, going to have to make that a bit more public.
So, as of now, I'll be closing this blog, or changing the name or something and closing my gardening one for sure. If I don't have a garden, why have a blog about it?
I don't know what I'll call the new blog, but it will have something to do with life, creativity and the pursuits thereof.


On second thought... I just had two other blogs that weren't being used, I can keep this one open and just use it.
I couldn't think of a good name for a new blog and just capitulated, deleted the gardening and the 'book' blog and changed my mind.
Such is a crafting mind.

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