Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back to stitching

Knitting wise, I've been reasonably productive. Finally finished the second sweater for the twins, moving forward on the other glove for Katie, ripped back the neck on a lace baby vest I started a while ago, don't know what I'm going to do with it other than maybe put it out for sale at the con. I've got the fabric and pattern out for a gathered skirt I want to make and wear to ConDor in three weeks. I should be okay on it. It's a super simple skirt that fifteen years ago I could whip out in a weekend. Due to my current condition and situation it may take me a week. Then I have to figure out how to make a vest (I have the pattern, just need to decide on a vest or jacket) and what I want to use for it. It needs to be vaguely Victorian/Steampunk, but anything close would be fine. I have other outfits I could wear but I haven't worn a skirt in so long, especially a costume type that it's calling to me. And it's a first time it will not be medieval. I have always loved bustle dresses, used to design them like crazy, and now that this whole steampunk thing is going, I now have a reason to wear them.
Shoes are another issue, but am not going to worry about that. I have some leather clogs that will work for now, comfort over the long term is better than period correct.
Need to get my jewelry inventory sorted and packed as well as figure out how we're going to set up a display and work area. We're hoping for an 8 ft table instead of 6, so Katie can set up some of her stuff for sale. It's been so cold lately she hasn't been able to work anything with clay which is a bummer. The little fruit dragon flies are so adorable they would sell in a heartbeat!
Well, need to go out to the fabric store and get a zipper and a pair of scissors to cut out my pattern. Have to use a card table to set up the machine on but that may work out okay.
Have to take it slow though, stomach is still tender.

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