Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another fork in the road....

Looking for ways of selling my fingerless glove pattern on here. So will catch up on what I've been knitting real quick and then figure out how to post the link for my pattern.
Let's see, knitted a new cowl for me after giving my original one to a friend (pictures soon) working on a hat for my son, who's birthday is today but the hat isn't quite finished due to having to rip back a few rows after dropping some sitches between the needles. I so want to do a lace shawl but again that's in my list of things to do. I've been rather pedestrian in my knitting testing out some of the new ruffly yarns that have come out. Sashay (Red Heart) and Ribbons (Lion Brand) are great yarns to give a boa like effect. Want to figure out how to make the Ribbons scarf in the round to give it a full on boa effect. Also knitting that yarn carried with Fun Fur in a contrasting color makes a beautiful effect. 
So, now that this post has been made, going to try and see how I can attach a pdf or link it to my artfire listing for the pattern. I'll put a picture of the glove here for people to look at and figure out how.

Hoping to try and post something here once a month. We'll see how that works considering how attentive I haven't been in the past... YEAR!

That is a direct link to my artfire listing for the Fern Garden Gloves.


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