Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another stall out, another CO

I haven't touched the Lily Pond sock since I discovered the mistake. I then cast on with the Red Heart sock yarn for a infant hat in two colors. The spring mix and the white is going to be a 'fake isle' pattern. I was hoping to do an alternating heart design but the stitch count is off by about six stitches for the number that are in the hat. I can fudge that a bit with the seam allowance in the back. It should turn out very cute. Not quite ready to do that in a sweater though, since I would have to use size 2 or 3's on it. Even a baby sweater would take forever!
I've got several more sets of stitch markers made, might upload them to Etsy this week. But speaking of the hat pattern, need to go look at a few stitch patterns and see if there's one I can use.

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