Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting knitting wanderlust

Well, if that's what you call it.
I pulled off my son's sock that I hadn't done much on and started the second Oriel sock instead. I didn't like the way the toe was coming out anyway. I am currently working on a baby sweater out of the Red Heart sock yarn, turning out very cute. I used the off white for a lace collar instead of the standard garter stitch collar. That style collar is okay on older kids and toddlers but not a baby. I've also started a corner to corner garter stitch baby blanket in Homespun, size 10.5 needles which will be added to my project list over on Ravelry soon. Both will be actually, with photos soon. I've been getting good about taking pictures and getting them uploaded quicker.
I almost bought a book on knitting triangle shawls and a hank of alpaca lace weight down at Needlecraft Cottage. I was a good girl, the yarn wasn't even that epensive! Only $8 for almost 500 yds! But... I think I want to hold out for a different color than what she had in stock. I think maybe two or three hanks ought to be enough, will have to see when I get to that point. It was sooo soft!
The only other issue I have is... what the heck am I going to do with a lace shawl? Not like I go a lot of fancy places that I'd use it, but it's the idea of being able to actually knit a true lace shawl. That's my knitting resolution this year and my daughter doesn't seem to understand that.
She actually told me that I shouldn't really buy more yarn and finish some of the projects I have already.
Imagine that! Finishing projects! I've finished a lot of projects... but right now I have two scarves, two pairs of socks, the baby blanket, a k1b vest (that I think I'm going to rip out and start over as a wide scarf instead), the baby sweater, and of course... the sweater for her that I haven't finished and has been in progress for four years.
I think it's a symptom of Spring... new plants, more sunshine, need to start new projects.
Ah well.. must hold out... at least until I have the money to dispose of in the direction of yarns.
Oh, think I'm going to sell some of my yarn or trade it on Ravelry.
Oh, and I have over 45 sets of stitch markers made up and ready to list on Etsy, I sold one set at the N.C. so hoping more get sold soon.
Okay, getting late, can't think of anything else to write.

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