Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first paid knitting commission

A lady with 'very little' English skills (Spanish) came into Beverly's and wanted to know if anyone would crochet a hat for her son. He wanted grandma to do it but she is in Spain and in her 90's and it would take too long etc.
I pointed her to Shar but Shar said she had two other projects she had to finish first, and besides the lady actually wanted a knitted cap.
I gave in and discovered that her son was 15 years old and only wanted a dark brown hat.
Bingo... 2x2 rib, Red Heart Soft Yarn (picked out by her) and then she wanted to know how much I would charge. I finally told her $35. I think that's reasonable given how easy the project is and nothing fancy. She gave me twenty as a down payment, paid for the yarn and I got her name and number and wrote down the details of the commission on the back of a business card.
I'm about a third done and I only started it on Thursday. I should have it done by next weekend and likely will have yarn left over. Which I might use in combination with the peacock blue color and do another hat to sell.
For a change, my lone student on Friday had learned how to knit when she was little and picked it up quickly. I showed her how to do a purl stitch, which she hadn't learned to do previously, and she was on her way. She says she'll be back to start on a scarf, which I am looking forward to showing her the 2x2 rib pattern she wants to do.
She picks up on the terms and concepts of knitting quickly, which makes my job much easier. Almost too easy. But it was fun anyway.
So more on that later.

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