Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Latest Creative news

I have a total of 34 items listed on my artfire frontpage. I have yet to add the gloves that Im wearing. I went through the photos that are left on my flashdrive and I lost about half my photos. Probably from pulling it out without ejecting it a while ago. I lost all the dragon earrings as well as photos of the gloves I'm wearing, and several other sets of jewelry. dangnabbit!
I am collecting all the items that I have listed and putting them in trading card pocket pages with a small notation on the backing card that it is listed. (A little 'A' or star in the corner.) That way if someone buys one from the book, I can delete it from the listing or vice versa. The trading card pocket page was a great idea, though not so much for post or leverback hooks. I need to figure out how to get little boxes or trays to fit in a binder. I have the germ of an idea on how to do it, but need to see how it would implement for real without spending any money.
I've been looking into getting a used mac and the cheapest I've seen for what I need is about $750. At $10/pair I need to sell 70 pairs of earrings to pay for a computer. So pass the word! I have thirty saved out... it's a long way off and I need that computer now!
Well, that's rather selfish, but true. I am about five years overdue for a new computer.
I also figured out a way to display the post and leverbacks easier. Foam inserts for holding rings. They hang just fine and I can slip the whole thing into a page protector to put in a binder. Voila! Yay for Sporadic Creative Genius!
I have finished one of the chokers almost, just have to finish the end and put a bead on it for a clasp. The hair ornament I put up has gotten 11 hits just in the last 24 hours. Now if someone would just buy it!

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