Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going to be selling some knitting

Getting kind of desperate here.
Roommate situation is getting me worried so I'm going to be putting the brown fingerless 'Steampunk' gloves up for sale. Maybe $45 or $50 and see who wants them. Just wondering if I should charge more. The yarn was free, it's just the labor that was involved which only took me a week. The other gloves I'm working on, the cotton/wool Fern Garden ones that I designed myself are still in progress so I can't do those yet. When I do get that done, the pattern and the gloves are going up for sale. The pattern for $5 and the gloves (for very small hands) for $50. Those I'll post on Ravelry a well as Artfire. The pattern will be converted to a .pdf so people can download it.
There wasn't any knitting this week because I didn't get there until 7:30 due to computer stuff. I helped Jae with her knitting for a bit then went to go visit my kids. Socks are almost done, starting on the toe for the second one, everything else is plugging along.

Okay, need to get breakfast.

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