Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby blanket redux..

Sort of.
I have been trying to finish a baby blanket that was supposed to go to a friends baby who is now 3 years old. After the third mistake I looked at the size of it and thought, 'this is big enough for a lap blanket in a stroller without being too big. Screw it.' and I started the seed stitch border. I'll be glad to get that finished and then make a hat to match. So this coworkers baby is going to have... a singular hat, two pairs of socks (vastly different sizes but out of the same yarn) and a blanket and matching hat. Geeez!
After that's all done, I have to get cracking on preemie stuff for my own grandbabies! We still don't know and won't for several weeks. Amber is seeing a peri-natalogist in a week and then her own doctor as well. Basically she's got appointments every two weeks for the next four months. She's added two more names as alternates, Scarlett Joy and... dang can't remember what the boy alternate was. She came up with extras in case they are two of the same gender.
I still don't like Paisley! bleh. I'm afraid it's going to prejudice me against the little thing and it's not even her fault! What's a mom to do? I've heard so many stories about families being at odds because of the pressure in naming a baby. Scarlett Joy is a mouthful and as far as word meanings go... kind of odd. But she would be answering to Scarlet Martinez. (Don't know if she's using one or two T's on the end).
Okay, this is the last rambling of the day... going to grab the blanket and hunker down in bed for a bit before going to sleep. Don't have work tomorrow and kids won't be over until around 5 or 6 so.. I get to sleep in tomorrow! Turn off the alarm and do whatever I want for half the day!

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