Thursday, December 4, 2008

I succumbed due to the season

I went to Needlecraft Cottage and she has both Karabella yarn and some odds and ends in a basket for 1/3 off. math isn't the greatest and I interpreted that as 2/3 off for whatever reason so the cost was more than what my brain had figured... but oh well.
I got five balls of Grignasco Top Print. Three are in a blue/brown colorway and two are in greens. I have no flipping clue what I'm going to do with them... something suitably soft considering it's ALPACA! This is a first for me. I have never bought Alpaca before, it's soft, but not like mohair that makes my fingers itchy. I love the colors and she had a scarf worked up in the green so I tested it against my neck and it's not too scratchy/soft.
The two colors worked alternating would be awesome and I think... I just might do a triangle shawl or long scarf wrap in it.
I don't know!. I hate impulse buys like that and am not prone to them as you can tell. I usually (and did) have a plan when I went in there. I was looking for a suitable yarn to make a rasta type hat for a coworker. Don't know why, he asked if I could and I jokingly said, 'what color? Redblackgreenyellow?' he said sure.
Dang. I am NOT using alpaca on him nor my son in law.. coworker may well get acrylic and son in law may get wool/acrylic. Not going overboard on either of them.
Okay, have to hop in the shower and do some thinking on this then off to work.
I'll bring the yarn to Brandi's on Monday.

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brandilion said...

SAWEET! You know we love to see goodies! See you on Monday!