Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Re: Socks

Oh, and Happy New Year to all reading this.
I seem to be having a difficult time doing a toe up sock. The problem is keeping track of what round I'm on. I've had to back knit a total of five rounds (two different times with different rounds) because I couldn't tell whether I had just finished an increase round or not.
I'm formulating a marker design that would hang from the toe at the beginning of the round and it would get flipped every time you completed a round. This is also helpful for doing the increases for different 'sockitecture' designs by Cat Bordhi.
I get interrupted so many times it seems that I can't get more than a round or two done in one sitting. I'll be glad when the holidays are over and spring is here when my daughter and granddaughter can go back to Truckee. That's still up in the air of course, but no matter the decision, they are going to have to be out of here by March or April.

As for the marker design, it's going to have a coil type arrangement like some of the plastic ring markers so it can be slipped off easily. It will likely have a bead or two involved, possibly something with a letter or number.
Oh, I ended up sending off my knitpicks order. Three different sock yarns and the needles was the final decision. I'm now regretting not getting some of the kettle dyed in a worsted, or maybe a lace shawl pattern. I have enough of those free that I can choose from those and existing yarn.
It is now 11 pm and I'm pooped. I'll be asleep possibly by the time midnight rolls around, whoopdeedo. I never was big on celebrating the change in the year, even when I had friends that threw parties. I'm up for going to a party but it doesn't have to be a special occasion. With my new place, it's kind of small but could hold up to ten people. I'll think about doing that during the summer. The only issue is parking...
Enough sidetracking, have to get back to that sock.

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