Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm back on!

After a long unwelcome absence.
Well, I have completed two pairs of kids socks, am working on a third pair because the original orange pair are too small for the intended wearer. I bought some wonderful Alpaca yarn from Lonesome Stone in almost matching colors and that's turning into a beanie for the same grandson. Granddaughter Ava loves her new pink ankle socks and they do fit her well with a tiny bit of room to grow.
I got a $50 gift certificate to Knit Picks (Thank you Ceejay!) I just ordered another set of size 2 circs and some sock yarn. Sigh..never thought I'd be a sock knitter but it looks like my New Years Resolution for 2008 at least came through with that. I have yet to knit a real lace shawl, but that's coming next year.
I have to say that I make pretty decent socks. For kids at least. I'll have to start a pair for someone bigger soon. Son in law asked (totally unknowing about these things) if they made yarn out of wool. I didn't laugh... honest. All I heard from behind me was some comment about socks and wool.
He snowboards and needs some thick socks for fitting into his boots but the standard double rib type sock digs into his leg too much. He also said he wanted knee highs... that's a helluva lot of knitting to do unrelieved by anything. I bought some charcoal gray Telemark(I think, it's the nubby sock yarn) from KP, I hope he likes the color because I didn't ask him.
Oh, another yarn that I bought from Lonesome Stone is a bright pink and purple two ply sock yarn. Alpaca of course, and at first I tried casting on with size 2's but it felt like they were too big. Another knitter in the group showed up Monday with a pair made from the same yarn and they were soooo sofft!!! They striped on the leg and pooled a little around the ankle. I'm anxious to get going on that but that will have to wait until I finish the second pair of orange socks, a beanie, another pair of socks and possibly the start of a shawl.
He also asked me about how long it would take to knit an adult beanie... apparently son in law and daughter want to give a friend a lime green beanie. I'm considering asking for money for it since it is a form of a consignment.
Pictures of everything coming soon.

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