Thursday, May 7, 2009

Packing up

If you haven't been following my other journal. I'm being evicted. I haven't finished paying my rent for last month and don't have the money for this month so we have until the end of the weekend to pack up.
That's being optimistic of course. We have an official three day notice to pay or quit and I'm going to let the office know that the soonest we can be out is Sunday due to waiting for 11th hour save that hasn't come.
So, I'm packing my knitting stuff into boxes, saving out current projects and making sure my stash is safe and accessible. My beading stuff will go back in the box it came out of, the two bags of earrings and markers will be with me just in case.
I have to go down to Needlecraft Cottage and see if anymore of the markers have sold. Not likely but I still have a Pollyanna streak.
I don't have the money to stay anywhere else right now, kids are going to stay with friends and I'll likely end up sleepingin my car down at Campland or in a hotel room.
I don't know of anyone that can put me up, not staying in a shelter (talk about depressing and icky!) and I don't qualify for any emergency housing or funds because I still have a job that pays well.
I'll still be able to make it to Monday nights as long as my car holds out at least. I won't have much in the way of computer access until I can afford a laptop so communication will be random from work.
There really won't be much to report until I have a new place anyway so....
Happy stitching and see ya in the future!

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