Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things are smoothing out

Minor crisis with Amber, turned out to be a UTI that got up to her kidneys, she'll be fine though.
On the knitting front, I had to rip back four rows of the gold shawl because I was forgetting to add in a yo at the end of the row. Tried to pick it up but botched it because it wasn't a centered, it was an angled pattern and just resolved to tinking back. I did that last night and this morning was able to knit back up to where I was before. It's a very quick pattern so far, I've got most of it memorized so it is working up fast.
I'm going to be sorting through my stash and boxing up yarn that I will never use and be bringing it to the stash swap whenever we decide to have that.
Okay, just wanted to drop a real quick note here before heading off to work. Looking forward to seeing people on Monday!
Oh, almost forgot we have a semi regular new person named Katie, she came over to my place last Monday and was trying to work out one of the Creepy Cute Crochet patterns. Hope she's got it figured out, she wanted to do a Cthulu or one of the other wierd dolls...hehehe, she's a lot of fun.
Okay,see ya.

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