Friday, May 22, 2009

Various news

First, I decided to rip back the few rows I did on the leg of my Pond sock simply because it's holding me back from finishing it. I can insert some rib stitch there or maybe a cable. It's ten stitches so almost anything (except for the one eyelet rib pattern I did) will work.
Second, I had three students this week for class, yay! One was an eight year old girl who was trying very hard to get it right, it may take her a little longer, but she's determined to do it. She wanted to do it for show and tell at school which I think is cool because then she'll tell everyone where she learned...maybe get me some new students.
And third... I'm destashing some of my beads on Etsy as part of my downsizing and decluttering in preparation for going mobile. Oh and I sold a total of two sets of stitch markers at the shop, got paid $15 which is my fault. I didn't ask her what her consignment cut was and offered half. doh! Won't make that mistake again. But she agreed for me to bring in a few more and keep those there. I just need to make sure to put the needle size on the package.
I haven't done any packing of my yarn or knitting things yet... I just look at the drawers of yarn and can't think of how to put them into a box. On the other hand, I bought a new organizer for my bead stuff and that's getting compartmentalized and downsized. Hence why I'm selling some on etsy.
Think I'll go check that and see about uploading some more pictures.

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