Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stash find

I was looking through my stash for a yarn suitable for making a vest to wear at work and discovered a long lost skein of Lion Magic Stripes sock yarn. It's heavier than the new Sock Ease, which is okay, and it's in the Washed Blues color so it's all kinds of blues and red. Perfect for another pair of socks for grandson. It's turning out great and I'm using size 3 needles which is easier on my fingers. I have discovered that I can now make a standard sock without looking at the heel instructions. I've mastered sock knitting finally. Now on to lace. I can do lace, but doing a full lace shawl with actual fingering or lighter weight yarn is the next test.
I have yarn to do it, in enough yardage, just a matter of finding the right pattern and there are tons of them out there! I got the knit picks catalogue which means my order isn't far behind.
I have pictures of all my socks on the computer, just a matter of getting them uploaded to flickr. Oh and as a reminder to anyone reading this, I still have my etsy shop with earrings and beaded knitting markers. I need the extra money so take a look please and tell others about them.

Okay, enough. Going to go pick up my sock and get that done, the gusset is finished and now it's just figuring out how long to make the foot before the toe decreases. Ta!

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