Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome to my new home

Welcome to my new blog for knitting and stuff. If you come by here out of curiosity, don't just go away without saying anything. I hate that. I need to know that someone else is reading what I write otherwise I can just sit in the corner and talk to myself or my knitting, which I do anyway. Sometimes I might break into a story, a rant, ramblings and comments. Hopefully I will be putting up links to pictures of my knitting projects.
I have a regular blog about my normal life, this is here just for my knitting. I trashed my livejournal group journal because I was just using like a blog anyway.
So sit back, relax and be patient, I'm not the most consistent poster but when I do it's usually worth reading.

1 comment:

Nancy Hay said...

Oh boy! I get to be the first comment on your new blog.
I look forward to seeing what you have to say about knitting.

Good luck!