Thursday, November 20, 2008

My needles came!

So, started the sock over again from the top instead of the toe because my thumbs are sore. Not at the ends from the needles but down at the joint and tendon from pushing and holding things that are too small. If this keeps up... I may have to stick with more worsted weight and larger projects. Oh well. I want to accomplish at least one more pair of socks with actual sock yarn before I HAVE to give up small stuff.
I was looking around at my finished stuff (or mostly finished) and discovered three hats, two sweaters and a pair of baby socks with another two pairs of socks on the needles. Though one pair is for my grandson and not baby size, though it is small. The other pair is in the Baby TLC blue to match the hat I just finished. (photos are still in the camera)
An inspiration just struck for a pair of earrings and possible markers to match... gotta go! When the muse strikes.. follow it!

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Nancy Hay said...

Isn't it fun when you pause and see all you have accomplished!
As for your thumbs, try some ice on it a couple times at night, and maybe some Advil or aspirin. It works!