Friday, November 28, 2008

Tinking the day away

I realized on the orange sock that my decreases weren't working evenly. I had forgotten one on one side and so at one point I had 32 stitches on one needle and 35 on the other. ::Sigh:: Having to knit back about six rounds in order to get back to where I switched the beginning of the round from the heel to the instep. Almost to that point now but have to do a stitch count to be sure. Decided on a blue sock for an infant that it will have a short cuff and a short row heel almost immediately. Babies don't need a lot of cuff, nor a long leg part, especially when it's a spring baby.
I also found out that a friend of my daughters is expecting her baby in June, no gender yet but given a June baby, if I make socks or a sweater it should be 6 month size. Hoping she finds out it's a girl, I also hope that she keeps contact with her long enough to find out. It was a chance meeting at a local Rite Aid so we'll see what happens.
Have to finish the blue set first, that recipients mom showed up at work today and there's a possibility that she and her boyfriend/coworker might be breaking up. Buut that was a chance comment from the owner. Not going to trust that information. Not that I don't trust him, just don't trust information that is just offhand from him. Don't know where he got it from or how old it is.
Oh, had one student tonight, total beginner but she had at least tried to teach herself from a book, and she's about four inches into a triangle shawl with Homespun. She plans on coming back again until it's done so that's good. Oh, she asked how long it would take her to knit a shawl since it's something that's technically 'commissioned'. Using Homespun and size 13 needles... maybe two weeks if she had absolutely nothing else to do. She marveled at it being a long time, and I told her that was a short time to finish a 32" triangle shawl. Apparently she thinks I'm a 'professional' knitter and amazing because she asked if I ever get asked to knit on 'commission'. I made a scoffing noise and told her that only people who live in La Jolla or Coronado might be able to afford it. Told her the story about the naive woman who posted on Ravelry about having a custom cable knit sweater done for about $20. The yarn alone would be more than that. I think that opened her eyes a bit to the process of knitting and how much it costs.
Another lady stopped and asked if I was knitting a sock (the orange one that is obvious it's a sock) and we chatted for a bit. She had done socks before but on dpns, told her the two circs simplified the process incredibly. She seemed skeptical, but I hope I convinced her, she bought a ball of the Lion Sock something good came of it..

Oh, watching Star Wars right now on some station... always good for a trip down memory lane. Think I'll go pick up my knitting and watch the rest of it.

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