Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone who reads this!

All two or three of you.
Like I said, until people start commenting and letting me know that someone out there is reading this, I'm just talking to myself.
Working on the orange sock still, have turned the heel and am working the gusset now. Well, not NOW... waiting for a pie to cook that should have been done last night. Forgot to do the pies.
I was reminiscing to my two kids about the kitchen my mom had.
We had a four bedroom house with a 1/4 lot. The kitchen was massive (to a 5 year old) but she had a double oven with a full electric stove, a built into the counter blender/grinder/mixer station. (the base is inset into the counter with a cover when you're not using it. When you needed it, you filled the container, put it on the appropriate peg and turned the dial. Very 60's and handy!) Anyway, she had a double oven. Amazing. Counter space, double sink, corner cupboard and a full pantry with drawers for all her spices and supplies. Amazing kitchen.
Well, the turkey is in the oven, and nothing to do but either watch tv, snack or take a hike in the canyon. Oh yeah..and let the kids clean up the cooking mess.

Have fun!

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