Monday, November 17, 2008

A Finished Object!

I finished another baby sweater and am close to finishing the hat to match, then will be doing another pair of socks to match that set. The baby in question isn't going to be entering the world until March so I'm ahead of the game surprisingly enough. The socks are another hopefully successful attempt, the last try ended up with one smaller than the other despite starting the second right after the first. I might try doing two at a time but since I just bought only two 24" size 2, that may not work, we'll see. Those are meant for the Lion sock yarn, I can use the size 3's on the Baby TLC.
I have two 16" size 2 that I can't use anymore, they've given me some horrid tendonitis in my thumbs. I'm willing to sell them for ten dollars if anyone wants them. Of course if you are going to use them you have to have hands the size of a four year olds. Or be of the upper crust and knit with your pinkies in the air because there isn't enough shaft to hold!
For those that want to see and don't know, I have my other photos of FO's on Flickr, just look at my Ravelry profile for the link.

I am still trying to sell my jewelry and markers on etsy, and have an idea in the works that requires a good bit of money to accomplish. Not to mention cooperation and feedback from the knitting community.
Stay tuned for more details when I feel the time is right. If I loose the dogs too soon it will never happen.
(oh and why do I have a walking frog? Because it is one of the most random things I have ever seen on a blog)

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brandilion said...

You didn't mention these needles to me at knitting last night!

I'll take'em off ya.