Friday, November 21, 2008

Ripped again...

I have to learn to just follow a pattern and trust the pattern. I was knitting along on the Lion Sock Ease, 2x2 rib got about an inch and thought, 'this is for a six year old, how long do I really have to make this ribbing?' I decided to try and change to a 1x1 rib and after about five or six rows realized it was too loose. sigh. Pulled the needles out and reinserted them back down at the last row of double rib where I had deviated. It's kind of loose but the good thing is, it will eventually fit him.
So I'm back on track with the orange sock and putting the blue one on hold. Son in law has requested (jokingly) that he wanted a beanie (with writing on it saying he was the shizzle...something or other) I told him to go make it himself. Then I got serious and started looking for an appropriate yarn, considering all options like chunky yarn, dk knitting (which is still an option) and plain worsted. What I have decided on is a cabled beanie pattern based on a simple ribbed beanie, and add cables. Just have to decide on a color, which may end up being something that I don't have. Since he's going to be wearing it where it snows (likely when he gets back) he needs it to be warm, but soft and something that he will WANT to wear. He's going to be a 'snow technician' up at one of the resorts up at Lake Tahoe so it's going to be chock full of other 'dudes'. So maybe something black and red, or maybe that Pines mix of Wool Ease. It's dark though and cables won't show on it, so that might be good for just a plain double rib beanie.
So, with all this decision making I might end up doing two. Wool ease gives the warmth of wool and the washability of acrylic. Good choice for one, the other cabled beanie.. can do it in either the Wheat color or the natural...or any other color for that matter.

As soon as my needles get free I can start on that for a Christmas present.

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