Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trust The Pattern

If I had kept in mind the directions for making socks I wouldn't have had the issues with the sizing on the foot. Also I was shwon a wonderful little tool that a fellow knitter got that shows different shoe sizes and equivalent sock length then subtract an inch and a half for the toe. Doh! I knew this.. I've read it a few times with different patterns...
I'm tempted to buy the Knitted Lace of Estonia book for my next knitting challenge. The goal is to complete a lace shawl pattern before the end of the year. Preferably by December. I may end up starting it by Summer because a lace shawl is best done in the warmer months unless you're working with mohair or something fluffy like that. I'll have to see what happens. I would like to do the Peacock Shawl but in the appropriate blue green and brown shades for a peacock. I've got a yarn in mind, in fact I have it at home but only one ball.

Again, I'll have to keep muddling that through while I finish the pile of socks and the sweater or two that are in my head to finish. I still have the sweater for my daughter that needs the sleeves finished and then put it together and blocked. Or blocked and put together. I hate doing a sweater in pieces like that, it's tedious and it seems like it never ends and I hate finishing a project like that. That's why it's been sitting around for almost three years. Luckily my daughter is in her twenties and won't be growing anymore.
Need to do a sweater for grandson that I'm doing socks for, that's a longer term project and I want a certain yarn in a good wool blend for that.. His birthday is in October so I do have a way to go on that. Never too soon to start planning. I know the pattern I want, just a matter of finding the yarn. Already used up the knitpicks money, oh well.
More pictures soon. I uploaded the orange sock picture already.

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