Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got gifties today!

Fellow coworker and crocheter attended TNNA and knowing my thing for goodies she brought back a few freebies, a pen, free pattern handouts for the K1b scarf, a pen, and something I am going to hang on to proud and loud a button that says "Do you think I'm SOXY?" Has pictures of striped socks on severl feet. Too cool! The bestest thing was, she was able to secure an autographed copy of Knit One Below for me. Woohoot! Way too cool. Oh, she also had a copy of Crochet magazine but I'm not into crochet like she is, and after looking through it and only findine one pattern that was a stunning panelled coat, I told her kindly that I wasn't interested in that. She had someone else that would love to have it so I didn't feel too bad.
I'm about five or six rows into the K1b column vest and have figured out that I need to try and knit a bit tighter otherwise it's going to be long and baggy. I just have two worsted yarns and actually may size down even more. Despite this would mean ripping back 143 stitches and starting all over. But if I preserve the center point where I cast on originally, I won't have to guess at how long I need it.
I'm falling asleep here at the keyboard, it's been a long day.
Cast off!
The more I think about it, the more my knitters instinct is telling me it's going to be way big and baggy on me even for a vest. ::sigh::
My fingers are also itching to start another pair of socks. I'm abandoning doing a toe up for now and will do a pair that (hopefully) will fit (how do you mark the difference between sister in law and son in law in abbreviations?) Dan...
As for my socks... that's another project that isn't turning out as well as I hoped. It's absolutely gorgeous but not perfect and I'm looking for perfect fit for me otherwise I might as well not make it for someone else.
I looked at the Pomatomous sock and the design is cool and it's very popular but that's the downfall. It's very popular, nothing new here.
I'll be buying the book 'Sensational Knitted Socks' and will be doing a lace rib sock from there. It's top down but I like the flow of the stitches better.
I'm also working on a wide scarf at work from the ball band on the Tweedle Dee. It's a simple three/three zig zag knit/purl pattern.

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