Saturday, January 10, 2009

My KP Order came!

Got my new sock yarn, started another sock with the new needles and am now going to be putting one of my new yarns up for trade. It's a bulky weight and I don't remember why I bought it, I think I might have thought it was worsted weight and was going to make a hat out of it. Hmmph. Details coming soon on Ravelry stash listing.
Oh and today at work, a kinkajou climbed on my shoulders.
Short of it, a customer came in with it sitting on her shoulders (her pet obviously) and when she got close enough to me it did what they naturally do and used me like another tree branch and checked me out.
It was totally awesome! Sharp claws, kind of perfumey and musky but totally cute and not lightweight at all! I've been at the nursery for ten years and that is a first. We've had parrots, iguana, bearded dragons, dogs and cats galore and one spider monkey, though it was containerized so no contact.
A kinkajou. I've only seen them on tv and at the zoo, the zoo most likely would let a lot of people handle one for liability and health issues. No one else knew what it was, I felt like I should have been chaperoning her around. Oh, and when she was checking out a camellia, it leaned out and started licking the nectar out of one of the flowers (that's part of their diet, nectar and fruit).
It was soooo cool! Kind of like seeing a movie or tv star only you don't have to act cool. I'm only bummed I didn't have my camera with me. It was in my purse in the break room.

But anyway, I am finishing up the red and blue socks, starting a pair with the bright pink and purple BFF two ply and going to ask son in law if the black with speckles is to his liking for a pair of snowboard socks.
Black.. but with speckles! I stay away from black or dark colors like that because it's so hard to see the stitches, but since he doesn't want anything fancy, I can deal with that.
Okay... off to admire the yarns and maybe pop in a movie or maybe I'll make some dinner.

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