Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A knitters hands...

are kind of in the same class as a surgeon or pianists. If anything happens to the fingers...it can seriously impact performance.
I was cutting some cucumber today at work using a serrated steak knife. Not the really heavy duty ones but good enough. Well, the inevitable happened and the knife cut my thumb. Relatively deep. I now I have a band aid on my thumb for at least another two weeks. At least it's on the outside edge and not on the pad. The last time I had an injury was when I closed the car door on my right pinkie. Broke it and also needed four stitches. That changed the way I held the yarn, which in a way is good. I've adapted to it and now can't hold it any other way.
I've had pokes and injuries to the pads of my fingers and it is seriously annoying when I knit.

You know you're seriously a knitter when the first thing that goes through your head in a situation like that is, 'Man, how is this is going to affect my knitting?'

I have finished the orange hat, pictures uploaded and ready to go. The sock only has the toe to finish, and then can send both pairs of socks and the hat off. A little late, I figured out a nearly invisible technique to sew the seam together. I don't recall seeing this anywhere but I'm sure it is, I just never paid attention to it for a hat. Only thing is, when I say it was a little late, I started sewing with overhand method at the top and halfway down I discovered the invisible technique. I've already finished it off and tucked all the ends in, not going to go back but might take another piece of yarn and double stitch that section so it looks consistent.
I've also cast on for a toe up and that seems to be going well, I'm double checking my own measurements so I don't make it too big this time. Still trying to decide what pattern to make, but might do the rivulet anyway..there might be another choice, have to look around some more.
I picked up the stitches on the peacock pair with two size 2 dpns just so I don't lose them. As soon as one of my circs is free, I'll slip them on there and figure that out. Actually, I think there's a set free or I could make them free, I started the pink and purple but now I think I'm going to finish that other pair as part of a new years resolution to finish UfO's.
Now, off to do the kitchener on the sock.

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