Monday, January 12, 2009

Interesting and banal

It's been Santa Ana conditions here lately (dry and warm westerly winds). I showed son in law the yarn, in fact he looked at the whole box of yarn and said any of it would be cool. He said that as far as snowboarding/skiing apparel the neon and bright colors are in. A pair of lime green socks would be cool according to him and his roommate up at Tahoe.
Alrighty then... one pair of lime green striped socks coming up. The Sock Ease has a colorway right up his alley.
I'm to the decrease point for the toe on the blue/red socks, started a toe up with the Essentials Lily Pad using the star toe pattern. I have to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the sock before I get to that point though. Might do the Riverbed/Rivulet pattern. I started that pattern with the peacock shaded yarn in my stash and have had to rip out the instep increase wedge because it was getting too big. I'm taking measurements carefully and doing stitch counts as well to make sure both will fit me properly.
My hands were killing me today, achey in the fingers and the tendonitis in the thumbs was acting up. That's preventable but would require me to stop knitting for a few days.
Going to put some lotion on, make sure to take my Alleve and glucosamine regularly and hope that helps it.
I almost seriously considered applying for 'The Best Job In The World' in Australia. Basically, in order to promote tourism and the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef islands they are conducting a worldwide hiring blitz. I read through all the conditions and requirements and when it got down to 'physically fit' and something about 'games and challenges' to decide the final winner, I decided against it.
You could take anyone you wanted, but the idea of six months of sun, sand, surf, and... isolation. Reporting via blog and video diary... not a problem, but if they're going to pit me against 20 and 30 somethings in challenges a la thanks. Oh and you would have to submit a video and photo of yourself as part of the application. Snorkel (which I have never done) I haven't swum in a long time and the idea of getting into a bathing suit is out of the question now. IF this had come up about six years ago, I would have jumped on it and taken all three of my kids with me.
So... I seriously considered it for about five minutes. Seriously. I'm not a young chicken anymore and do have some possible health issues (arthritis). Finances aren't in the best situation but it would have been $105,000 for six months! good god!
Now it didn't say if that was broken down monthly or all at once. Oh and the airfare and cost of a visa would be taken care of by the Australian Board of Tourism. You'd get to live in a three bedroom house for free, but they didn't say anything about food. I'd want to go fishing once in a while but the GBR is a national park situation.
Man that would have been the opportunity of a lifetime. Even three years ago would have been okay.
Back to knitting.

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