Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Casting on...

for the K1b vest from Knitter's magazine, using two variegated Patons Decor colors. A blue/green/white and a darker blue/purple(wine) and green, jewel tones and 'country' colors. Both colors I picked out two skeins to do little boy stuff but mostly because I liked the colors. They work well for this situation where it will coordinate with one of my favorite long sleeve lightweight shirts I wear to work. I needed a vest or shrug that would cover the back of my neck and shoulders. I also needed something larger gauge to work on and relieve my tendonitis from size 2 needles.
Sock drive is slowing down, four pairs in three months is high density knitting for me. I now know how to knit socks and finish them so that's accomplished. My next goal is a lace shawl. I have one in the works but not as complicated as I imagined the one that would test my skills a little further. Lace knitting I've done and I know that it takes a good piece of time in one block to concentrate on a pattern row. The other issue is space to block it when it's done, I eventually want to do a round or square shawl.... large space needed.
So that's the goal for 2009, a lace shawl in a single color (which I have, though it's a medium brown and not balled yet.)
So... going to go wash my hands and sit down with my vest and get some rows done. Oh, the only frustrating thing about that is casting on 143 stitches. I had to do it three times and then do it again with the second color. I ended up with a lot more extra yarn on the second color despite holding the two together when I measured for the second. Oh well, I'll take photos when I have a good few inches done so the pattern is more visible.

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