Monday, January 26, 2009

Brainstorm idea

combining knitting and costuming. There's a pattern in the K1b book for a 'Checkmark Scarf' done in a solid and variegated yarn that to me looked like something for an ambassador to wear.
Brainstorm hits me and I've got an idea for a costume but it likely won't be carried out, but it's a cool idea. I have a costume drawing that is a beautiful idea which I have the fabric for, but have never sewn. I suppose I could make it in addition to my Jedi outfit.... that would work.
Yeah that would work! There isn't any one set outfit for Jedi other than the tunic and lightsaber, some women wore skirts, some wore pants... so this would work. Got it!

Okay, other than that, not much else. Working on the k1b column vest and it's turning out beautiful. The green sock is just a Simple Son In Law Sock, inch and a half of k1p1 ribbing and then plain sock until about 7 inches later. So that's my mindless project for now countering the concentration needed for the k1b vest.
Okay, off to look at some yarn alternatives and make some sketches.

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Chip said...

Funny you should mention the knitting/costuming combo. Check out today's post at the O*W*C: