Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aack! Haircut!

As you can see by my new photo... I got my hair cut. It's way shorter than I wanted it, leave it to say I was looking for something other than the 'K.D. Lang' look. Oh well, it grows out, just take about three months for it to get to the length I actually wanted.

I am knitting the cuff on the first Oriel sock..woohoo! Going to do that until I run out of yarn and if it's long enough, I'll just do it as a fold over cuff. I like those kind better anyway. I didn't think I had enough to do another repeat and a long enough cuff, so I just have to remember the stopping point. I had to rip back the first try at the cuff, which almost turned into a disaster. I was at work and wanted to get it done, so I started a K2P1 rib,but halfway around that I realized I had started with a k3P1, soooo, ripped that all back in about fiteen minutes. I then knitted the k2P1 rib for about a half inch and then double checked the pattern and it was supposed to be a 1x1 rib. Sigh. It's all fixed now and I'm running along nicely.

I succumbed to yarn envy and the desire to see if I can do socks for someone other than a kid. My son (18 and 6'2") wants a pair of socks too.. in red and black or some combination of those colors. Well... I had about $24 left on my Amazon gift card so he stood over my shoulder and looked through yarns that were there and found one called 'Dark Sunset'. I hope it's the color that it looked like on the screen. I'll know sometime next week when it arrives.
I've also been making new sets of stitch markers for smaller needles. i.e.: they fit up to a size 3 needle. I made three sets of five and two sets of six markers. They should be up at Etsy sometime tomorrow or Monday evening. I also have a new set of earrings in red, pink and clear crystal bicones. They're gorgeous and I wish I had thought of that for Valentines.
Another mised opportunity, oh well.
So now the only thing left is to find another set of sock needles ..because once that yarn arrives I'll want to dig right in and start another pair.
The other problem is I should be researching a shawl pattern because that's my knitting goal this year; a true lace weight shawl. I'd love to do that Forest Path or the Peacock Feathers patterns, but one is only in a book and the other isn't free either, but at least it isn't a book.
The Forest Path is two of my favorite things, Entrelac and lace patterns.I just might have to spring for that pattern...but I do have a couple of other patterns I downloaded so I want to go through those before committing.

Okay, it's almost 11 and I'm pooped. Eyes are getting foggy, time for bed.

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