Thursday, March 12, 2009

Around the corner!

I successfully navigated and completed the short row heel on the Oriel sock and am on my way up the leg. I somehow ended up with one less stitch than I should have on the heel needle but just picked up a thread and everything is cool. I am on round 10 of the stitch pattern and every time I try to take a picture of the sock indoors it's too dark, even when I set the camera for indoor/low light.
I'm also looking at some extra wide lace edging patterns for that costume design, also a narrower edging for the collar. Now, in actuality the original version of this was likely a jacket over a blouse with lace edging. I don't know if I want to do a separate blouse, I hate buttonholes and standard clothing. That's why I was in the SCA, long tunics and hidden zippers or lacing up the back.
I saw some absolutely gorgeous fabric at Home Fabrics today. Unfortunately, most of them were not the colors I need for the Victorian outfit. I found one or two fabrics that would do okay for the skirt but ... still not the perfect piece. I got some ideas for the more medieval gown that I have. Actually it may end up being a rather non-specific era, possibly a 'noble's' gown from some future planet. All these ideas and no money to implement them.
I tried to scan the purple plaid fabric but it came out very subdued... hard to get across the idea.

OH! Beading NEWS!
South Sun is opening a new store down on Midway across from the Michaels store...which is right around the corner from the nursery.
Oh this is such a bad thing for me and Kathleen (coworker who also likes beads). Bad news for Michaels too.. since they sell bead stuff, this is going to be really interesting. There's also another bead store about five minutes away (ten if there's bad traffic) so this is going to be interesting to see what happens. I know the exact building they are using and it's very small compared to the one up in Kearny Mesa. I think I'm going to have to visit there after they're officially open on Monday.
Okay, have to get to bed and work some more on the Oriel socks.

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