Monday, March 30, 2009

Ruh roh...

I miscalculated on the Lily pond sock.
When I added in the decorative rib I didn't realize that it is a four round pattern and the lace arch is 11 rounds. When I get to the next round one..the rib pattern is off by one round. I have to rewrite the pattern now to match what I designed.
Dangit. Didn't think of that... should have used just a regular rib pattern. Ah well, such is the designing life. I'm almost done with the first Oriel sock, going to try and do a sewn bind off for the cuff. I tried the suspended bind off, which was supposed to be stretchy, but it wasn't any stretchier than a regular bind off in pattern.
Zoya was doing a sewn bind off and said that was the one that got the best results for a toe up cuff.
So anyway... going to go upload some photos and post them as promised.

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