Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sidetracked from knitting

I've been doing research into finding out whether I really want to do an 1800's costume for next year. I was looking through patterns and pictures for just the right skirt arrangement that I've had in my head since high school.
When I was on a trip to Canada, and before that, I was drawing pictures of simplified bustle dresses. They were 'themed' with the most spectacular one being 'The Peacock Dress' in blues, greens and a train with cascading layers. I think I found the pattern that I saw in my head. The skirt pattern of course, not the actual dress, but the skirt with the right falls and cascades... and it's a $25 pattern. ::head falls to desk in exasperation::.
I'm just following a wish in my head of course, never going to succeed in doing this but now I know that the design I thought of over thirty years ago could actually be out there. I think the original drawings still are in a box in the garage.
I don't have the money for bills let alone some hobby high hope that will not bring in money.
I am a lot closer to getting my 'Knit thing' finished. I have the one that I'm using right now, which means it's got writing on it, but I took pictures of it anyway. Then I went and checked on my Etsy shop,'s empty. All my listings expired so there's nothing for sale there. I won't be able to renew any of the listings until the weekend when I have a little bit of extra money. I haven't come up with a name for it yet either... other than 'that Flipping Thing'.
I am still moving forward on the Oriel Sock, which I need to get pictures up on Ravelry, so I can link this blog to it. I get paid tomorrow thankfully, from both jobs. Yay! I still want to knit a lace shawl, a true lace shawl, I have the yarn..just need the pattern.

Oh, one of my ideas for the dress, since the theme next year for ConDor is 'Ancient Futures, Steampunk' and other such anomalies... I was thinking of using a fabric for the dress that's 'futuristic' looking and knit a lace shawl or some accessory that would give it the right touch. Some metallic touches here and there, an odd fabric that shouldn't be there... some 'holographic' type fabric for trim... See, I've got a great idea, just no means of implementing it cheaply. Not to mention waiting until my front room isn't taken up by extra people. That will clear up in April hopefully.

I'm also working on some new stitch marker sets. We got some new bead strands (or maybe I just didn't notice them) at Beverly's. I didn't buy them last night because I remembered I have two coupons at home I could use on them. Now I have to find them...not too difficult though, I think I remember where I left them.
Okay, have to post on my other blog...
(the story blog I started I'm only going to post once a week on, otherwise I'll end up writing there instead of on the actual story.)

See ya!

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