Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ribbit again.

I ripped out about an inch of the cuff on the Oriel sock because I realized I had more yarn left than I thought. So I'm doing a half repeat of the pattern and then start the cuff. More than enough yarn for that. Maybe even for a whole repeat.

The yarn I ordered on Amazon from Alpaca Direct (Dark Sunset...medium and dark burnt reds) is shipping today from Oakland. That means it should get here Thursday or Friday. Devon still doesn't know I think, it's going to be an early birthday present for him with the promise of turning it into socks before October. It depends on how long it's going to take me to do the current socks. I only have two sets of sock needles and they're both being used.. I refuse to only do one sock and then stop because that opens up all sorts of gauge issues. Bad enough doing them one at a time. The Oriel already appears smaller than the Lily Pond but that's due to the difference in the lace pattern.
I cast on for doing a baby sweater but pulled that off the huge long cable and started a Kiri shawl with the lime/blue Carribbean lace yarn. It had better start looking good or that's going to be a bust as well. It's not my colors and lord knows (again)why I picked out those colors. I think they looked a bit more subdued on the screen.
I have three balls of that, the blue jean color and a brown... not in the mood for plain colors right now but will have to be at some time.

I made six sets of 'lace/sock' markers that will fit up to a size 3 needle. They're tiny so they don't get in the way but they're purty! Haven't had a chance to get pictures because SOMEBODY took the rechargable batteries out of the charger and put them in the remote. So the camera has been dead for the last 24 hours. No one has to be anywhere tomorrow morning so I will be going to Needlecraft Cottage and show Liz the markers and the card system.
Okay... going to move on to the next journal and see about posting my personal stuff there. Lots of drama there....

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