Friday, March 13, 2009

I found it! After the fact.

I was looking for a short row heel that didn't involve wraps, and knew that since you could do it with a heel flap, why not do it with just short rows. I couldn't find the directions at the time and continued on with the double wrap instructions from the SKS book.
Well, now I have found the Short Row Holy Grail!
Priscilla Wild figured this out (and as she says in the video, she's on Ravelry too) and put a video demo of it up on YouTube. I have put the link over on the sidebar for the video... it's so simple and it works! Going to be using it on the second Oriel sock so they'll be both short row but one will be (hopefully) smoother.
Had two students for class tonight, fun ladies at two different skill levels but at least the 'beginner' had knitted ages ago. She may have thought she had forgotten, but her hands and brain remembered. I could tell after she did her first row she had learned to knit at some time in her past.
Okay, getting a bit late and have two other blogs to post on.

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