Friday, February 20, 2009

I had another idea

I have an idea for a new way of keeping track of pattern rows. Well, it's a modification of an idea I got from someone else...but it's a vast improvement too.
Going to get the prototype done and see how it works, get the details taken care of and then will announce it's release here and on Etsy.

(I could swear I already started to write this, so if I find the other post....)
Anyway, the new sock I'm working on is proving to be a pain. I'm using the 'Smiling Diamonds' lace pattern over 72 stitches and it works out perfectly to six repeats of the pattern. On two circs it ends and starts the round on the end of the needle, which... it a bit of an adventure since the extra stitches that are usually on the end are not there...I start at least three or four rounds with a yarn over. Luckily I've done that before so I knew what to do, but the last row has an involved ending if you were working flat. I haven't gotten that far yet so I don't know if I need it or not.
Also, I'm on row 16 (or 8 if you don't count the straight knit rounds) and have dropped a stitch toward the beginning. I backed off the first three stitches and since it's in the purple section of the's difficult to see what happened. I have to get a look at it with good light and.... sigh..... a magnifier possibly.
The lace pattern itself is a bit involved, but I worked it before on a large shawl with Homespun yarn. This is the other extreme I think... and my hands aren't as nimble as they used to be. I also did it top down, so the bottom points of the diamond (the 'smiling' part is at the top..which makes it look kind of like either feathers or for me since the yarn is called 'Peacock'.
Okay...going to go get another piece of pizza and take one of the glucosamine and some alleve and maybe do some more on that sock.
I do have pictures uploaded, have to go get them onto the web now. Not the new sock but the Lily Pond sock..which I am writing the pattern for as well as the Peacock Feathers sock.
(so named, so it shall be.)

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