Sunday, February 8, 2009

More ripping

I was all the way down to the foot on a 'baby' sock out of the TLC Baby blue and realized that it looked too large for the size baby foot I thought it should fit. It's supposed to fit a 2-4 year old foot, which it just might, but I ripped it back to the gusset and added ribbing on the instep to give it a little more flexibility. If I can finish that by Wednesday, then I can start on the second one and then, maybe do a sweater or hat to sell on Etsy.
I want to see how quickly I can knit a baby sock and then get an idea of how many I can make in an average month. I looked at some other sock and hat combos that people were selling and the average price is about $26. That seems more than reasonable for a pair of hand knitted baby socks. Throw in a hat and it ups the price a bit, but if you're someone looking for a hand crafted item but can't do the work yourself, it's affordable.
I think I can get a hat, sweater and a pair of socks out of the same skein of yarn. I have some of the pastel variegated left and plan on adding a chain stitch trim on the socks and maybe a line or two on the hat. The sweater of course is going to be top down, which is a fast knit. An entire ensemble can be done in about a month I think, socks being the fastest, I might even pick up some other yarn and coordinate them. One minor issue with the yarn is the variegateds feel a lighter weight than the solids. Changes the dynamics when knitting on the same needles.
Lion is introducing some new colors in Homespun, and as much as I dislike working with it, it does work up fast as a blanket.
I also want to do a diagonal blanket in the Jiffy, seeing as how it's about the same gauge, smaller yardage, but better colors and a nice fuzzy texture. When I have the money of course.
And then there's finding the money to buy yarn from knitpicks this week. Might have to postpone that ordering this time. the striped sock yarn is soo cool though! I love the colors in the Imagination yarn... and they're limited colors too.
What a quandry!
Meanwhile, back in Reality Land... sigh... can't afford food let alone yarn I may never get to knit with until next year. Ah well, tomorrow is knitting night at Starbucks... I look forward to that every week, it's my one bright spot.

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