Friday, February 27, 2009

Changed my mind

The Peacock Diamond sock has been ripped out and is now going to be the Oriel Sock in the Sensational Knitted Socks book.
It turns out to be a toe up sock instead, so that will still give me more practice on a toe up heel. The other heel is kind of in limbo still, trying the heel the way that K2Karen described it and so far, so good. We'll see what happens when I start turning the heel and getting to those yarn overs and stitches.

Note to other knitters wanting to use the "Round Toe" directions from the book:

It says to cast on 8 stitches, join in the round and start doing increases. On my two circs.. I didn't realize it until the third round that you still have a small eyelet hole right there. You can't do a smooth toe doing that cast on! It will have a small hole! I don't know if they left out directions or what, but it seems wrong to have a small hole like you would at the top of a hat. I chose to do the Judy's Magical Cast On from New Pathways book. Or do the figure 8 cast on instead.
I'll be putting that up on the forums on Ravelry to see if anyone else has caught that.

Oh, the other thing is, with the typical 'star toe' increase, you have just one round plain between the increase rows, with the 'round toe' they increase the row count between the increase rounds as well...which I didn't catch until I was up to four stitches between increases. I'll just knit plain until I get to two inches of toe before starting the pattern, that'll work out just as well.
The other thing about the Oriel lace is it's 28 rows! No plain rows, because there's purling in a small section. I was writing out the cards for the pattern and put three rounds (or three sets of rounds) on each card because for two different sections there were four rounds that were the same so two sets of instructions were for eight total rounds.
Whew! Hope that isn't as confusing as it felt writing it down!

Okay, getting ready for my weekend, bringing the Oriel sock with me and one of the k1b scarves, both of those I have screwed up on the increase side so I have had to rip back several rows. Again. sheeesh! The only other time I remember having that much trouble with a pattern was the Kiri Shawl.

Time to get something to eat. Won't post until Monday since I'm staying with someone at the con.
Have a good weekend!