Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Started the sock over

Okay, so I found another stitch pattern for my sock. I took a good look at the toe and realized that I haven't even worn it and the toe looks like it's been in a shoe several times!
I picked a stitch pattern out of the Vogue Dictionary of Stitches I had received unexpectedly. It'll work all the way up the leg. I'm going to have to decide whether to make this pattern completely around the leg or only in the front and back. I may use a few ribs in between the patterns to let it hug my leg...sounds good in theory. I'm keeping track of it to a point and may submit it to either ravelry or etsy for sale. Nothing incredibly difficult but I did come up with it and it is a toe up sock so it's mine.
Still haven't looked at the vest, it's still in time out in the corner. My brain's been on other things lately other than knitting. Namely a mid life crisis...but it's about due for that.
I still haven't decided on a lace project yet either, there's still time for that. I didn't start on the sock projects until November so I've got time.
Stupid hot flashes..bugging the crap out of me right now. That's why I was making the vest, something to wear at work that wasn't too heavy or long sleeved. I may get some cotton yarn and make a lace shrug. hmmm, lace shrug with a ribbed flared collar....done in short rows. dangit, creative mind on the fly again.

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