Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stupid blogger...

When I checked for the actual post I made after the nine student post....it didn't show at the top of the list...dangit. So this is a repost of the duplicate post I did this morning.
I'm going to be creating a blog for my everyday stuff. I already have an extensive blog over on LJ, but Blogger seems to be more used and popular with the kind of people I know.
As soon as that's set up, I'll put a link to it on my main page for this journal.

I'm into row 7 of the sock pattern and can't find any of my 3x5 cards, nor the box they were in. They're likely in the garage somewhere or someplace 'safe' or 'out of the way'. hmmph.
So far it's going okay and it may well be the right size finally. I'm looking forward to it unfolding under my hands. The vest is still in the corner, some projects just have to hibernate for a while before you can face them again with a calmer mind and plenty of time and good lighting.
So... apologies for the duplicate post, going to check my settings and see about the order posts are shown on the page.

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