Friday, February 13, 2009

I created something unique!

Well, unique because I created it. I was thinking of the pattern I saw of a 'Sockmark' that's a double ended sock for a bookmark. I did a single 'sock' for a bookmark but it's flat. I'll hopefully have pictures and possibly a pattern for it soon.
Another moment of sporadic genius, I finished it in a day and it can be longer, but this is good for a paperback, and I accomplished a short row section with wraps! I initially tried to do it as a double knitted tube, but it was difficult to do a 1/1 rib at the top doing that and it wouldn't be a tube.
It's kind of cute really. Hoping to get this posted to ravelry and maybe sell the pattern for a $1.00 or even free.

I spent most of the day just lazing around town. Visited Needlecraft Cottage in PB where Liz unpacked some new, new yarn. Mostly bulky/bumpy but nice stuff, it's made in the USA too and darned if I can remember the name of it.
I worked a little on my sock and talked to her about the issues with that and she told me about the toe up heel and toe that Lucy Neatby has in her book Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Have to see about buying it at Beverly's when I have money next.
I took tons of photos along the estuary and in one of the canyon parks. It didn't rain after all until this evening, so that held out. It was very cold and windy though, and I had my jacket, a sweater and a scarf on while I sat on the seawall and ate my lunch after going to the shop. I came very close to buying some Baby Alpaca yarn... very, very close. It was only in natural colors but it was soooo sooofffft!. With the yardage on it, the best I could do with one skein is a scarf. But it would have been such a warm and soft scarf!
Okay, enough nattering on. I have work tomorrow... most likely in the rain and cold. No one was at knitting class tonight by 6:15 so I didn't bother going over there and wasting gas.
I could have gone to Jolene's for dinner tonight...but the whole gas thing and being able to get to work.
Hope everyone has fun this weekend! Happy Valentines to everyone!

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